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Let the children learn to sing^ 
Hymns of praise to Zion^s Ring. 

DsscRKT News Company, Peintkbs and Publishers. 

■ 1882. 

JUL 1 ^'J^* 



The author of this volume was born 
on the twenty-third day of March, in the 
year 1802, in the town of Grafton, State 
of Massachusetts, North America. He 
was baptized into the Church of Jesus 
Christ of Latter-day Saints, on the first 
day of June, 1831. 

From his youth he has suffered much 
from sickness, and, since his connection 
with the Church, from persecution and 
mobs, for the truth's sake. 

He has been driven from all he 
possessed several times. Many wicked 
men have sought his life,b\il Go^ V-a^s 
heen with him. 

Moat of the hymns in ihis volume 
have been writtea under very trying cir- 
cumstances. The spirit that indited 
them would sometimes rest so power- 
fiiliv upon the author, that his sleep 
would depart from liim. 

At these limes, the words of John the 
Revelator. when on the Isic of Patmos, 
would often be impressed on his mind: 

"and he S,\1I) I'.NTO MR, WRITii." 

In this book he has soiiglil, in aU 
simplicity, to teach the pure principles 
of ihe Cospol of Jesus ChiiM. 


trations of the Prophet, Joseph Smith, 


The words of the book are true and 

faithful, being dictated by the Holy 
Spirit of Promise, and they will all 

BE fulfilled. 

I humbly dedicate this book to the 

youth of Zion, hoping that it may do 

much good in establishing the truth in 

their hearts. 

The Author. 




HYMN I. (cm.) 

1 O, Father, give me pow'r to write, 

When unto thee I look, 
A thousand songs I would indite^ 
And pen them in a book. 

2 Then I, a thousand tongues would 

To sing with one accord, 
Those sacred songs, with love indeed, 
In praise to Christ, the Lord. 

J 1 would not then be satisfied, 
I'd want ten thousand more, 

"lo spread liis glory, far and wide, 
His praise from shore to shore. 

4 When here on earth my praise i 

I then would soar abiive. 
In all the worlds to us unkHDwn, 
Would sing a Savior's love. 

i And when his love 1 had [irocl.iiiiKil. 
In all that now have i)lacc, 
Would sin^' lo all Ihal will be lramL<i, 
Through all the rounds of space. 

I YeSj in the gale that sweeps aloni;. 
And ev'ry opening ilow'r. 
There is, O' Lord, a whisp'rin;^' sung, 
That tells thy love and pow'r. 


4 We will our voices raise, O Lord, 
And lei sweet anthems flow, 
To sound thy glory far abroad, 
In all the world below. 

HYMN 3. (l.m.) 

1 Praise God, from whom all good pro- 

ceeds : 
Praise him, all ye, of righteous deeds; 
Praise him, all things that live on earth ; 
Praise him, ye hosts of heav'nly birth. 

2 Praise to the Son, our Lord from heav'n. 
Praise to the Holy Ghost be giv'n; 
Praise to the three, the great I AM ; 
Praise heav'n and earth his holy name. 

HYMN 4. (l.m.) 

I Praise God, all saints that dwell on 

All men of high or lowly birth ; 
Praise him, ye beasts and things that 

And all the fish that swim lV\^ d^^v- 

And all ye glitt'ring stars of ni 

Praise God, ye oceans, seas anc 
Ye tiny pools, that rivers make ; 
Praise him, ye fields of golden £ 
With all the treasures of the pi; 

Praise God, ye mountaihs, cap 

And all ye streams that from them 
Praise him,all things on earth thai 
Vie with the tongue and voice of 



2 As long as I my tongue can move, 

My feeble voice I'll raise; 
Rememb'ring his redeeming love, 
I'll shout and sing his praise. 

3 I'll praise him for his mercies past, 

In sweet and joyful lays; 
And while my life and being last, 
I'll write and sing his praise. 

4 I'll praise him while he lends me 

For his redeeming grace ; 
And when my life is lost in death, 
I hope to see his face. 

HYMN 6. (7's.) 

Praise the King of Zion's land; 
Praise him, in Uie gathered crowd; 
Praise him, when the crowd you leave; 
Praise him, morning, noon and eve. 

Praise him, when alone you stay; 
Praise him, when you meet to pray; 
Praise him, for the truth reveal'd; 
Praise him, when you plow iVv^^^V'^. 

3 Praise him, in the peaceful dance, 
I'laise him, for the truth's advance; 
I'raise him, for bis love and care, , 
Praise tlHQi ior tbe peace you share. , 

4 Praise him daily, and rejoice. 
Praise him for nis Propliefs voice ; 
Praise him when you wake at night. 
Praise him for the Gospel light. 

5 Praise him SaintSj in solemn lays, 
Praise liim throughout all your days; 
Praise him still when life is oV-r, 

WhoZiun's li-l 


While sinners, heark'ning to their voice 
Shall flee to Zion's fold. 

HYMN 8. (8,8,6.) 

1 Praise God the Father, King of kings, 
Praise God the Son, who freely brings 

Salvation unto all. 
Praise to the Comforter be giv'n. 
Sent to direct all those to heav'n 

Who hear the Gospel call. 

2 I'll praise the Father and the Son, 
And holy Comforter as one, 

While on the earth I stay. 
And when I step behind the veil 
My songs of praise shall never fail, 

In worlds of endless day. 

HYMN 9. (cm.) 

I To him who for my sins has bled, 
And cleansed me by his blood, 
And on me his anointing shed, 
And made me priest to God. 

2 To him my fon <yiie shall \illet pT2C\^e.^ 
Till I from earth remove ^ 

J, by siiu had wandered wide, 

■ left his bright abode 
iiffer on tile cros^, and died 

■ bring him back to God. 

.1 heart so cold, what tongue so 


For he left his Father's glory, 
And came down, for man to die, 

Wake my tongue to tell the storj-, 
Lest the sleeping stones should cry. 

Praise him for the dispensation. 
Through his servant Joseph sent, 

Sounding now in every nation, 
Calling all men to repent. 

Praise ve, then, his name forevei, 

Let the hills of Zion ring, 
With hosanna to the Savior, , 

Who is Zion's glorious King. 

HVMN II. {z-6's, 4 & 3-6's 4.) 

1 Praise ye Jehovah's name. 
Ye saint.s, his praise proclaim, 

Without restraints. 
Ye, who his goodness know 
Proclaim to all below. 
The love he does bestow, 

On all his saints. 

2 Let Zion's children raise 

To liim. sivcet sony-s of Dva\aft, 


from instruments of sounA, 

Of ev'ry kind that's found, 
On Zion's holy ground, 

Let music How. ^^ 

J Let choral anthems ring, ^^^ 
To Zion's holy King, 

Who is the Lord. 
Lift lip your voices bold. 
Ye Saints, both young and old, 
And do as you are told. 

With one accord. 

I Ye Saints in Zion, praise the Lord, 
His glorious works [iroclaim; 
Obey hiK word, bis love record, 
And glorify his name. 

Kob's .'^eed, In lalter-davs, 


4 His love is great, his mercy pure, 
His goodness is the same. 
His truth is sure, and will endure. 
Hosanna to his name. 

HYMN 13. (cm.) 

1 To thee, O King of Zion, now 

My grateful heart I raise; 
To thee, perform each solemn vow, 
With songs of sacred praise. 

2 Thy glory, thought can never reach, 

Thy goodness knows no bound, 
Thy love, no one, by thought or speech, 
Through all its depths can sound. 

3 Thy acts of wisdom, pow'r and love, 

My theme shall ever be; 
That song, with joy, my heart sliall 

That flows in praise to thee. 

4 Thy hand is bountiful and kind; 

Thine anger, ever slow *, 
Th>' tender mercies, unconlriutOL*, 
Thy goodness, all may kno^ . 


V truth forever shall endure 
hv kit^dams have do end, 
:■ ihy dominions, evermore, 
lieir borders shall extend. 



[ Lei Israel's great salvaliou, Lord, 

And lei them all with one accord 
He gathered lo their home. 


4 May all the Gentile nations now, 
Who have od Israel trod, 
Begin to see, and feel thai thou 
Art Israel's friend and God. 

HVMN 15. (cm,) 

I So Zion now is bringing forth ; 
Behold her children come, 
From east and wesi, from south and 

Oh I see them gather home, 

:: From Babylon, behold they flee. 
Like clouds before a storm. 
To Zion's land where they can be 
Secure from every harm. 

3 For Zion is a home of rest 

Where none in bondage are, 
Where all with union now are blest, 
And peace and plenty share. 

4 The house of God fn Zion too. 

Doth now begin to rise, 

Its glory with surprise. 

J .Inrf man I- people now are \^ea(6 
In distant lands to sav. 

lioii[;h Zion's enemies have snughl 
Td keep his sons in awe, 
1 liey do not know Jehovah's thought, 
Nor undersland his law. 

7 Soon them he'll gather without fail. 
Like sheaves into the floor. 
And thresh Ihem with his dreadful tlai 
Of pestilence and war. 

K Then O, ye sons of Zion lake 
Fresh courage and be strong, 
For every lieiitile yoke shal! break 
(■"rom off your necka ere long. 


3 Come ye honest, come away, 
Come to me without delay, 

Come from falsehood, cheat and lies. 
Come and find a heav'nly prize. 

4 Come to Zion's holy mount, 
Come ye ta her living fount, 
Come eternal life secure. 

Come and drink and thirst no more. 

HYMN 17. (8's, 7's & 4's.) 

1 Oh ! ye nations look and wonder 

For the latter days have come, 
Zion's heralds now like thunder 

Call on Israel to come home, 
And get ready, 
To receive the great Bridegroom. 

2 Lo! from Zion's highest mountains 

Living streams are flowing bright, 
God has opened there a fountain 

To supply the world with light. 
Come then Israel, 
Hasten home and claim '^omt \'\^v. 

J Zion's heralds now are &o\T\g» 

To the nations wind i^e\\: vi^>j . 
Truth and wisdom are besVovjXu^ 

Lpon all who will obey. 
Scaltcred Israel, 
Hail the gloriouH promised day. 

1 l-.iaelnowreceive the token, 

And be saved from all your woes 
While the deserts long unbroken 
Bud and blossom like the rose ; 

^ed from all thy foes. 


the streams of light are flonln 
re the springs of life abound, 

ng life to all around; 

And their porb'on, 

ndless lives with ,!;lory crowned. 


3 Zion's sweet daughters comi 

Ye thirsty souls make no i 

In Bab'lon why will you roa 

From plagues, and from v 

I Hasten, Lord, the glorious hour! 
When thou wilt make known Ihypowtr. 
When thy Saints may gather home; 
When they shall uo longer roam ; 

I When thy foes shall be subdued ; 
When the earth shall be renewed; 
When the Lord shall come again. 
O'er his Saints, on earth to reign. 

I Israel, thou hast long been banished. 
'Mongst the Gentiles forced lo ro:iiii. 
But thine exile now is finished, 
For ibv Father says, comc\\OTnc. 

; I'bou shall build in holy splendor 
All thine andent works, again. 
Cod, himself, is thy defender, 

1 All earthly pleasures wnring. 

Like fog tliey cloud (he day; 
No lastioft joys remaining, 
To chase the gloom away. 

2 Oh! lay not up thy treasure 

Where darkness has its birth ; 

Where soitow cloud.'i each plea 

That shines upon ibis eanh. 

UYMK 3Z. (8'5 & fs.) 

1 TidiDgs of a living fouDtain 
ZioQ brings to all the world. 
She has scaled her highest moi 
And her standard Ihere unfurled. 

Come, oh ! come to Zion's mountain, 
Ye oppressed, despised and poor; 

Come ye to the living fountain. 

Drink, and you shall thirst no more 

2 And a feast for ev'ry nation, 

God, in her, will soon prepare; 
All who wish, in ev'ry station, 
May ils blessings fully share. 

3 Lei the heralds of salvation, 

From her holy, sacred hill. 
Preach to all ihe declaration 
Of their heav'nly Father's will. 

4 Come with joy, ye careless sinner, 

Seek'salvalion while ^'OUTiia.^-, 
Of the prize yau shall be vimneT, 
If the CORpel you'll obey. 


il in _ THE 



1 :; Come, and the report believing. 
1 Come, receive the joyful word, 
1 And the blessings here receiving, 
I Offered to vou bv the Lord. 
I Chonis. 

II 1IVM\ 23. ( 

-. M.) 

11 1 All bail i ihe 
11 ni.sntllin'; 
11 WhilJlist'nin 
II To allure til 

hadts f 
l; thovisa 
e slorio 

jovful sound'. 

f ni-ht: 

II - I''rom henve 
|l brough 
■I In this, the 
II .■\nd is the sa 
■1 When Jcsu 

it came, by ang 

after day, 

le ihe ancients laiifihi 
led the way- 


5 Ye wanderers, come from ev'ry land 

Unto your Father's rest. 
The time has comC; by his command, 
That Israel shall be blest. 

6 The Gentiles, too, may share a part 

In Israel's great reward. 
If thev will turn, with all their heart, 
And ask it of the Lord. 

HYMN 24. (c. M.) 

1 Behold ! thy joyful people come, 

O Lord, to lion's hill. 
To find themselves a happy home, 
And all thy la^s fulfill. 

2 From wars and plagues behold them 

And come at thy command; 
That they in peace may worship thee 
In Zion's holy land. 

3 With joy they now thy cause espow^^^ 

And seek thy will to knoyj *, 
And now have come to buWd \.\v^' \vo^^^^ 
Tnat Saints may to \t go. 

HYMN- 25. (7's,) 


willows, where llic; 

Long, with raclancholly hearts, 
You have left them there unstrv 

: Now 10 Zion's hill reltin:, 

Zion's peaceful, happy place; 

Teaching all who wish to learn, 

Music, virtue, love and grace. 

3 Zion's songs again repeat; 

l.el your mirth and joj appear; 
Plaving on your harps so sweel, 
LfnlQ all who wish to hear- 


And lift up an ensign, a standard on 

And call for his Israel, and bring them 

all forth. 

2 He'll plant them again in old Palestine, 
In Zion, also, where the true light will 

And now, in fulfilment of what he has 

Has raised up a prophet to stand at 

their head. 

3 He's brought forth a record, a book of 

great worth, 
The true stick of Ephraim, long hid 

in the earth, 
And joined it with Judah's, that both 

may be one, 
The Priesthood restored, and to many 

made known. 

4 The kingdom's established in Jesus 

great name. 
Apostles and prophets to govern the 

The Holy Ghost given, as Peter has 

With gifts of rich blessings, mox^ v^^- 

cioiis than gold. 

^ The ensign's now reared, as propht 
have shown. 
That nations may see, while the irm 

And servants sent forth to proclai 

the glad news, 
Willi ihls invitation t{i (""lenUles a: 


bdiif; up your riches to build 1 
Lord's house ; 
silver and gold, your Renis, ii 

co[>per and iron, vour !c:id, 1 
and glass, 



cedar, your boxwoodj vour 
tree and pine, 

beasis, too, of burden, \o 
wheat, oil and wine; 
also your wai-kmen of art, sk 


Receive their reward when the Hgh- 

teous are crowned, 
And reign on the earth when old Satan 

is bound. 

9 For Jesus ere long will descend in a 


To punish the wicked and all that are 

That Earth may be cleansed and pre- 
pared for the reign 

Of Christ, with the Saints, when the 
wicked are slain. 

10 Then come, O ye people, both Gen- 

tiles and Jews, 
Prepare to come up when you hear 

this glad news; 
And build up the city and house of 

our God, 
That Zion may flourish and spread far 


HYMN 27. (S. M.) 

I With joy my heart did leap, 
When Zion's children said, 
To Zion's nio unt we'll go, arvdV^^^ 
The solemn vows we've TOiade.. 


2 For Iheie, witliin her ga(es. 

In safety we shall be; 
While justice there on judgment w 
The hypocrites shall tlee. 

3 The Sainis, with joy unknown, 

Throughout the earth shall hear 
That Uavid soon shall place his ihr 
And sit in judgment there. 

4 And then to find a home 

Within their shepherd's fold, 
In rushing ves-sels they will cornt-. 
As prophets have foreluld. 

5 Witli peace they shall be crowned. 

With plenty, too, possesl; 
With faith and love that know,' 

The righteous shall be lile^seil. 


3 Enlarge thy borders far and wide, 

Ana strenglhen ev'ry stake; 

For soon Ihy sons, on ev'ry side. 

Will from their bondage break. 

4 Theycome! they come! Ah, who a 

Thy brethren; Lo, they come! 
They come thy heralds to obey, 
And seek their ancient home. 

5 Ere God the wicked world shall bur 

The prophets lo fulfill, 
Thy ransomed shall with ioy return, 
And dwell on Zion's hill. 


RVHN 29. (l, M.) 

r Thou prophet of the living God ! 
Like thee, I've sought among 

To find a few that have not Xtod 
The path his lioly iaw re^ecXs, 



2 With thee, his Seer, I've fouDd 
' The keeper ot my Father' 
Mv lot and all with thee ! casi, 
To solcmniEe my youthful vowf 

5 For thou art chosen of (he Lord 
To gather up the pure and wise 
With priesthood power, as ihy re' 
His church again to organize. 

4 Alone no longer tan I roam. 

My heart i.s ivilh the pure anrl I 

With Ihte and ihinu I'll liiiil mv i 

Myself and all mv kin to save. 


5 Thv holv cause 

And a"ll thvs 

Shall be mv aw 

Wiih the'e etf 

■ill defend, 
3WS. jovs and 
ill life .shall e.i. 

Joseph's mission. 

3 But when the truth arose. 

With brilliant rays to shine. 
The world sank back and darkness 

Instead of light divine. 

4 The truth sends many a ray 

To drive away the night, 

And usher in the glorious day 

Of the millennial light. 

; It o'er the earth shall spread, 
And darkness shall retire. 
Till Christ shall come his bride to wed, 
And cleanse the earth by fire. 

c Joseph's rest is sweet and glorious, 
Hyrum's too, with Christ their head; 
O'er their enemies victorious, 
They, like him, are bound to tread. 

Crowned ihey will be, 
for like him they fought a.n(i \i\e',\. 

3 Crown them ihen! ihe Saint 


They a glorious work have doi 

And the heav'nly hosts replying 

With the Savior they are one. 

Crown them gladly; 
Crown them, Father,' throi^ 

What c. 

While UiL '. ' iVa 

Lords of Lords, and Kings of 


When Joseph was sent, 

By the Lord, to restore 
The true light of Zion, 

And Priesthood, once more. 

3 He sel up the kingdom. 

The standard unfurled 
On Zion's high mountain. 

To lighten the world. 
The kingdom of heav'n, 

By Daniel set forth, 
To roll from tlie mountain 

And fill the whole earth. 

3 The watchmen of Ephraim, 

To nations abroad 
Sent, crying, " F'lee ye 

To the mountain of God ! 
Ye scatleied of Israel 

To Zion return, 
Where Ephraiiji, though youngest. 

Is now the first-born. 

4 "Come, tiee ve locether 

To Mount 'Zion's height. 
And sinp of his goodness 

With joy and (Tehght. 
Your barn's, fields and \TOti'iA'!i\s 

Shalt (juicklv be stovefi 
With wheaU wine andoW, 
And Die fat teemin};V\eTA. 


While SI 
The young men and old, too, 

-Shall lilt up their voice, 
With virgins in dancing 

And sinking rejoice, 

- ■■Ihe Mjul of the piiest 

Sliall with liiti.^.ss be filled; 
llie hiinil and ilie lame, 
W illi the moihui- :;n(l child, 

lidl he 

^Ik'd ; 

3 He came to slop oppression. 

And the caplive lo release ; 
To drive away Iransgression, 
And establish truth and peace. 

4 He came to bring salvation 

Unto all who would believe— 
The only dispensation 
That the world can now receive. 

5 He came to banish sadness, 

To restore the Gospel light; 

To fill all hearts with c'adness, 

Who in virtue take delight. 

6 He came all bands to sever, 

That Ihe Lord does not approve. 
His name will live forever, 
For his name the Saints will love. 

I Long o'er the earth hath darkness 
Is bv the nations still maintaii\ei\\ 
They choose the dai'kness ot t\ie n\^\\\-. 
For fear their deeds shouM couve. w 



chase the shades of r 

light aw a;-. 


d turn the darkness in 

to day. 



e Prophet Joseph has 
andent prophets have 

appeared ; 
i declared. 

Pure Z ion's light he has revealed, 
And called her servants to the field, 
To |)riiiie lhi> vineyard of the Lord. 
And spread her light "illi one accord 

From Zion's hill it now will shine, 
Wilh irulli niid ivi.sdom lliat's divine 
The distant nalions now behold 
Whiil ancient prophets have foretold 

,So in the l.isi, or latter dav, 
Onr r.od his wisdom will 'display; 
And gather ail his Saints in one. 
Htfore the fall ol P.lbvlon 

Joseph's mission. 41 

Truth and wisdom he did bring 

From the courts of light above. 
Mormon's record he revealed, 
By Moroni long since sealed. 

2 Ho! ye nations, now behold! 

Zion is a land of rest, 
Given to Joseph, we are told. 

When by Jacob he was blest; 
And the Saints must gather there, 
For the Bridegroom to prepare. 

3 Come, O come ! ye blessed ones, 

Who are numbered with the just; 
Zion's daughters and her sons, 

Who in God alone do trust. 
Come to Zion's blest retreat. 
With the Saints prepare to meet. 

HYMN 36. (8's & 7's.) 

1 Praise the Lord! ye Saints in common, 

Who the Prophet Joseph sent 
To bring forth the Book of Mormon, 
Calling all men to repent. 

2 Joseph was the Prophet promised 

To be sent in latter days, 
To redeem and save the honest, 
From the error of their wavs. 

ient lo lead the Saints to Zion, 
And the wicked to confound ; 

.Vliile the plagues, among them i 
Shalldesi' - 

Sent to help the Bride get ready. 
And in linen be arrayed; 

That to Christ she might be wedt 
"" ■ ■ the supper's read)- madi 



From the nations, worn and weary, 
Are returning home with speed. 

4 So! they come with joy and sinmng, 

To mount Zion see them o;o! 
While the rocks and hills are ringing 
With their joyful songs below. 

5 Glory be to God the Father, 

who has set his lib'ral hand, 
This, the second time, to gather 
Israel to his promised land. 

6 Praise him, for his great salvation, 

For his holy prophet's voice; 
Sounding now in ev'ry nation. 
Making all the Saints rejoice. 

HYMN 38. (8's & 7's.) 

1 Now, would the nations wish to know, 
What Mormons do believe in? 
And why they lo the mountains go, 
And theii* own homes are leaving? 

2 The truth is: Joseph Smith was sent 
Of God, our Heav'nly Father, 
To call the (lentiles lo repent, 
And to Mount Zion gather. 

The truth is: all of Joseph's land 

Is Zion'slioly mountain; 
Wliere Go<i shall cause his house t 

Wilh Life's eternal fountain. 

The truth is; all, except the Jews, 
Who wish to find salvation, 

Can flee to Zion if they choose, 
And ^in an exaltation. 

The truth is: all the Jews must go, 
And soon jn ancient splendor, 

iebiiild Jerusalem, anew, 
While God fs their defender. 

I His soul with heav'niy love was fired, 
And with the Holy Ghost inspired. 
He taught the people love and truth, 
Although he was an untaught youth. 

3 Columbia's record brought to li^ht, 
To drive away the shades of night. 
It, by Moroni's hand was sealed, 
In latter days to be revealed. 

The church of God he organized, 
With blessinjjs which the world sur- 

; He temples to Jehovah reared. 
Where Jesus to his Saints appeared, 
The priesthood pow'r on them eon- 

And sent them forth to preach his 

6 In faithfulness, his mission filled, 
Till by his enemies was killed. 
Forlit'hi and truth lie sVieiVWVXinA, 
And itiea returned, again Xo C<i<i.- 

HVMN 40, (6's Sc 7'f 

1 See how gteal the flame doUi rise. 

Kindled by Mofoni's voice, 
Wliea he came from yonder skies, 

Making Joseph's heart rejoice. 
/ton'-', lijjit to bring he came, 
And ifi Joseph jjave the same. 

2 Joseph, being called of God, 

KaiK-d the rianie witli sliihiil hand, 
Till il,s blaze ha.s spread abroad. 

LiKliling ev'iy foreign bind, 
Darkness shall be pvit 10 Tlight, 
ISy the force of Zion's light. 

3 Zion shall in e\oT\- rbsc, 

While (he Tight is spreatling (orth. 
Till the nations in snrpii.sf. 

Kind her mistress of the earth ; 
For her childri 
Brings the fear of 


a Herlight has nowappeared; 
Her heralds cross ihe main; 
And truth is now declared 

Unto the world again. 
Her captives now may cease to roam, 
And soon be gafherea to their home. 

3 Then come, ye royal seed 

Of Abram's chosen Hock, 
From bondage now be freed. 

And build upon the Rock 
On which you stood in days of old; 
And gather home to Zion'S fold. 

4 Now all ve nations, too- 

Her liHlit yoi 
Her banner wa 

Be gathered to her fold. 
The light of truth you then shall know, 
And save yourselves from death and 


HYMN 42. {L. M.) 

Sweelwords of life! thtv teW 
I-'rom Joseph Snnith, the seei: 

;1 words of life! 

Sweei words of lifel they show 
Tbe sinner's sins forgiven. 

And wilh theoi, none can failLakaon 
The padi lliat leads to heaven. 

Sweet words of lifel now bring 
Good news from Zion'i> hillj 

From whence, to man, blest Zion's kit 
Makes known hia sacked will. 

:^S MISSION. 4« 

I And brought aeain the priesthood li^ht 
Which nom the earth had flown ; 
And so dispelled the shades of night, 
And righteousness made known. 

5 Until the priesthood power was lost, 
Which to the Saints was given, 
They each received the Holy Ghost 
With the pure joys of heaven. 

|. And Oh ! what gloom on earth did dwell, 
And wrap the world in niis^ht; 
When Joseph came to break the spell 
With Zion's heav'nly light. 

; He brought the Priesthood too, from 
Through which the Saints are blessed 
With all the gifts that God has given,. 
That ancient Saints possessed. 

And now the light of Zion shines, 

As prophets have foreshown, 
Vhile wisdom, truth and love combine, 
To make her glories known. 

HYMN 44. (C. M.) 

'*; Joseph, as a mona\ m^x\> 
"as sent from heav'n aV^ove, , 

3 I o preach the Gospel to the poor. 

Wherever man should be, 

And spread the light of Zion o'er 

The earth, from sea to sea. 

3 'Midst keen reproach and cruel str 

Wiih patience, firm be stood ; 
Wliile foes, ungralefnl, sought hisl 
He labored (or their good. 

4 To God he left his cause, so jusl. 

And still his work pursued. 
While pravei and faith ivilh holy tfi 
His failing strength renewed. 

; When he beheld that death was nif 

}OS£PH^S Mr5S10N\ JT 

HYMN 45> (C. M.) 

' Father, still control my ways, 
And be my constant friend. 
As thou hast lead my youthful days 
Still lead me to the end^ 

* for thou with love and watchful care, 
ph gently lead my youth, 
while T with fear, with faith and prayer 
Have sought to find the truth* 

3 And when I saw religious men, 
Diverse in point of creed, 
The right way sought, and cried again, 
My steps, O Father, lead. 

4 He whispered, "Search the scriptures 

I did, and saw the way, 
But none could find to ope* the door. 
For all had gone astray. 

5 Till Joseph came, with light and truth, 

And words of endless lite; 
Which I received while still in youth. 
And ended doubt and strife* 

Father, give me voice and strength, 
In a<^e, as youth, the same; 

That 1, a thousand songs, at length, 
May sing to thy great name. 

HVMK 46, (4-6's & 2-S's.> 

I Id aiident days, by scorn, 

The Saints were forced 10 rcia.m. 
Imprisoned, whipl, forlofD, 

Wiihout a house or home ; 
Were clothed with skins, in moun 

And forced lo hide for want of friei 

3 And in meridian time, 

Behold the Son of God, J 

Who never knew a crime— ^. 

Was taken bv a mol); 

Of boasled Gospel I ^ , 
The SainlB are forced away 

From ev'ry lawful righi. 
Those scenes are o'er again ; 
The Saints, by thousands, mobbed and 

5 Yes; Joseph Smith, the Seer, 

And Hyrum, Patriarch, too; 
Though both from sin were clear. 

Were forced from sweet Nauvoo; 
Like Jesus, by a mob were killeil: 
In Carthage jail their blood wns spilled. 

6 Then Saints, do not repine. 

Although jour lot is sore, 
For soon your croVvns will shine, 

Like those who're gone before. 
Then faithful be, and nevet yield. 
Till forced by death lo quit tlie field. 

HVMN 47. (6's & 7's.) 

I The two marlvrs, sent of God, 
To proclaim the trutli ahio;\<l ; 
To restore the (ioKptl lijihi; 
To redeem tlic world fruto \i\^\\\-, 
The A/yj/ennial dav Ijrin^ \n, 
And release the world fvom s\xi. 

54 KARTVRS. ^^M 

2 Tlie two manors, loved by me. 
Oh, that I again could see! 
Of[ with them I used lo meet. 
Sat with ihem ia counsel sweet; 
Heard them preach, and sing, and] 
Taught me, too, the heav'niy way. 

3 The two martyrs, I bewail. 
Massacred in Carthage jail, 

U)' a lawless mob — though great 


Killed the Lord's anointed o 

i The Iwo martyrs, where are tliey? 
Krom ihe altar hear, ihey pray 
Thai the lime thcv soon may see, 
When their biot«i' revenged shall b 
With tile -Saiuls arrayed in while, 
Sec tla-m shine in worlds of light. 

I'll come to thee, Joseph, and like thee 

The ivay for my kindred, who soon 

With High Priests, and Elders, who 

iovethee so free. 
When done with out labor; we'll all 

come to thee. 

I The light of Zion does unrold 
The path by ancients trod; 
That men may learn, like Saints of old. 
To live and walk with God. 

: And thousands have the tight received, 
Through prophets sent dv heav'ni 
And in the (Gospel have believed, 
And had their sins forgiven. 

3 Their testament, in echo speaks, 

While few incline to hear; 
But soun in thundering peals it breaks. 
To (infjlc ev'ry ear. 

4 And /ion shall arise and shine. 

Until ihe growing; stone 
Has tilled the eartli, with Vm\\*.Am'£vt, 
And rebels tiiere are i\one. 

HYMN 51. (7'S.) 

Kroni the earth lie's look bis flight; 
Well he stood affliclion's test; 
Now he's in the world of light. 

Forhis'blood, in Carllia;:e j; 
They have shed wiiliout a 

its suih, 
lilood has spill. 


In sentences clearly methought they 
How sweet we are both, resting here. 


2 *'When called by Jehovah, and sent 

forth to sound 
The Gospel, with book as the plan — 
Moroni revealed unto us from the 

ground — 
The only salvation for man; 

3 **We published our mission abroad to 

the world, 
For Peter, with James too, and John, 
Ordained us with Priesthood, the truth 
to unfold, 
The standard that makes the Saints 

4 "The church of Jehovah we soon or- 


From warning we none did exempt; 
While we with our brethren were 
mobbed and despised, 

And treated with sneers and con- 

5 ^'Imprisoned, and driven afar ivom o\\\ 

To KirtJand, our way d\d puT?»w^^ 


60 MARTVnS. 1 

And built up a temple, 
With wisdom liisSs 

ihaijesus might 1 

lints to endue. 1 

fi "We then to Missouri 
For wrath in our en 
No assylum for us v 

To lllin'oi's iheo we 

were forced lo re- | 

emies bunied ; 
las to be found 


7 "VVij l)iiili u|) the ciiy of Nauvoo, tli 

And sent forth the Killers aliroad, 
rbe standard of truth amonj; natior 

And liuild up llie kingdom of God. 

A ''While thus we're oheyinj; our Ma: 
Icr's command. 
Our cncniits all Htit- ayiced 
In Canlia,i:<; to slay ii.s— a boa.Med frt 

1 Crown him; yes, ihe blessed Savior, 
Who for our redemp(ion came ; 
Aod has died, ihat we forever 
Our salvalioD may obtain. 

Z Crown him; Father, with thy glory. 

Thy lirsi born, forever bleat! 

Who in faithfulness before thee, 

Brought salvation to the rest. 

3 Crown him ; is by all repealed, 

With all honor heav'n can give. 
Let his glorj' be completed ; 
He has died that all may live. 

4 Crownthy sons, thy faithful martyrs, 

Who now from the altar call, . 
Who from truth made no departures, 
Hyrum, Joseph too, and all! 

s Crown the Saints ; ves every servant 
WUois faithful inthycause; 
Who in [ruth and love are fervent, 
To fullil thy righteous laws. 

6 Crown thy faithful ones who know thee, 

down them with celestial wises', 

Crown tbein v/hh ihy sons in S^OT"j -, 

Crown tbcm with eternal Vives\ 


HYMN 54. (L.M.) 

I Ves, ZioQ has awoke at lenglh, 
And now is pulling 011 her streno^th ; 
And, being; cloilied with hght divine. 
In Irutii and love begins 10 shine. 

2 On her, the Lord l>eg;inf 
For now her gloi 

K and (iaiL};hlers home. 

Willi ffilifuhleS 

I Hail, to Zion's glorious morning! 
Long she has in darkness lain. 
Hail! her glorious light returning, 
She begins her joj'iul-reign. 

2 Hail, to Zion's sons and daughters! 

Now returning (o her fold ; 
Thirsting for her living waters, 
As the prophets have foretold. 

3 Life from deserts now is springing, 

Streains of living waters flow; 

And the mountain tops are ringing 

With the songs of Saints below. 

4 Christian seels, with Jews and heathe 

Hear the sound and take alarm ; 

Yes. to Zion's windows, see lliem 

Fly, like doves before Ihe slorm. 

; Now the kings of ev'ry nation 

Look wiih wonder, doubt and few. 
White tbcy /ie,ir [lie declavaUoii 
That the Lord will soon appesT. 

L Arise from tby sadness Q Zion, wilh 
gladness ! 
The God of the martyrs thy peace 

Th\ rights hav* been bariered, thy 
prophets been marljreiJ, 
Bill (ioiJ will soon clolhi: Uicc with 
wisdom ihal's pure. 

2 Though siroos' mav thv Iocs be, Ihev 
shnll DOio'eiiliiow rheL-; 
He'll Kcat'er iheir legions by might 
and despair, 
l.iki- chafi ihev shall 1h, nhtii the 


s of \ 

1 I love thy people. Lord, 

Who pay their solemn vows; 

I love thy precepts and thy word, 

The blessings of thine house. 

1 1 love blest Zion's hill, 

Whereon thy house doth stand; 
1 love to do thy holy will. 
And go at thy command. 

3 Mount Zion is my home, 

For her my prayers ascend ; 
For her mylauor I'll perform, 
Until my days shall end. 

4 I did her cause espouse, 

And sought her heav'nly ways. 
While in my youth, wi(h solemn vows 
And songs of sacred praise. 

5 And now, when I am old. 

To me her blessings are 
Far richer than the crowns of gold 
Thai earthly monarchs wear. 

And sliiinber with 11 


I God, our Father, we adore thee, 
While all Kolob shoiils applaiis 
Sun, and moon, and stars in glory. 
All rtvere ihy holy laws. 

i Thou art God, the Kinj; of Zion! 
Who, through Joseph, did resloic 
Priesthood pow'r, to wake the lion 
That shall on the Gentiles roar, 

1 When old Israel gets his freedom, 
From ihe curse of Gentile bands. 
With a man of God to lead him 
To his long forsaken lands, 

2mK» 67 

And at last be crowned victorious, 
Though the earth her cause assaiU 

6 Praise the Lord, the King of Zion! 
Heav'n's hosts his love proclaim ; 
While the Saints on earth are crying, 
Loud hosannas to his name J 

HYMN 59* (ii's.) 

1 In Zion's bright mountain life's waters 

are free, 
Then come to the fountain, j-e thirsty, 

and see ; 
No price is demanded — come' drink 

what you may — 
Free grace is extended to all without 


2 A feast is preparing, where all may be 

Who wish to be sharing life's waters 

and bread ; 
A feast of fat marrow, with wine on 

the lees. 
Where aJl without sorrow can s\\a\^ 
what they p/ease. 






3 Thei 

1 Hee ye tc 

all *ho 

c frcedoiu 


^,ye halt, lame and 

A 11(1 


irying salvation 
sharing, there lu 



are oppresssed, 
all are preparing themselves lo 


) With Priesthood and power their dead 
With shouls of lios:iniia to (iod ever 
will be ready the house of 

the Lord, 
Where Christ 

vill be . 

nini;, his 

ZION. 69 

3 Her heavenly light now shines so 

The world begins to see ; 
And great men sigh and wond'ring cry, 
What can all these things be. 

4 Then, Saints, rejoice and lift your 

To God in songs of praise; 
Though* foes assail, she shall prevail, 
In these the latter days- 

;; For God has sworn she shall be borne 
In triumph o'er her foes; 
His wrath shall fall, with weight, on 
Who dare her cause oppose. 

HYMN 61. (8's & 7's, D.) 

I Hark! the heav'nly hosts are singing, 
"Glory be to Zion's King;" 
With songs, too, her hills are ringintr. 

For her children thus do sing: 
** Glory to his name be given, 

Sacred praise to him belongs*. 
Come! assist the choir of heav'w, 
Join their everlasting sor^gs.'' 

> Filled with holy adoration, V 

We will join the Saints above; I 
Siiaring free and full salvation, I 

Fruit of God's eternal love. ~ 

Endless lives through him possessing, 

We his praise will ever sing ; 
Glory, honor, power and bles^ing^ 

Ever be to Zion's King. 

Moly, wise and blessed Savior, 
■ffiou hast suffered once for all, 

ilial ihey might receive thy favor. 
And be saved from Adam's fall. 

Thou didst preach to every nation. 
In thv mission heie below, 

■|'o the 'righteous full salv; 
'l"o the wicked death a" 

ZION. 71 

There is life's celestial fountain, 
There the righteous all will come. 

5 There the blessed of ev'ry nation 

Shall with kings and pnnces meet, 
To obtain their exaltation, 

And their glory make complete. 

6 Lo! the vision now before me. 

Shows me, when the Saints are one 
They shall share in Zion's glory, 
Uncontrolled by Babylon. 

HYMN 63. (S.M.) 

1 Come, listen to the news 

That comes from Zion's hill, 
Ye bond and free, Gentiles and Jews, 
And learn your Father's will. 

2 From Zion he has sent 

His heralds, to declare 
That all the nations must repent, 
And for the Lord prepare ; 

3 For soon he will appear. 

As shepherd of his fold, 

; Now Zion's light has come, 
With wisdom, love and power, 
To brine her scattered children hi 
Like bees before a shower. 

J How blessed, then, are we, 
Who now enjoy the light, 
That kings and prophets longed t< 
But died without the sight. 

[ O how happy was I, 

When I heard the Sail 
e will bid our sweet hor 


zioN. 73 

That we loved most on earth, 
To the height of Mount Zion we'll flee. 

3 "To the chambers prepared, 

Where the prophets declared 

Thai the Saints should be gather'd in 


e the plagues should go forth 
Through Ihe nations on earth, 
We will flee while God's judgments tn- 

4 "Then, old Bab'lon, adieu! 
We have no love for jou, 

But the kingdom of peace we will love: 
For that kingdom is ours, 
With lis Priesthood and powers. 

As Jehovah declares from above." 

5 "Now a house we will rear 
To his holy name, here, 

As the prophets did anciently show ; 

And their words to fultil, 

Unto Zion's blest hill 
The Saints are beginning lo go. 

6 "There a font we'll prepare. 
Thai our dead, too, may share. 

In the blessings we hope lo obtain, 
In the mansions of love, 
M'ilh cur Fallier above, 
When o'er kingdoms ot glory we Tt\?.Tv."' 

. . ^, .J0..11LS ui uoa, arise and flee 
To Zion's peaceful hill; 
There plenty, peace and joy are frei 
To all who ao his will. 

2 There, all who will his law obey 

Shall soon with joy decide 
That blest are ihey. and only they. 
Who in his la.w abide. 

3 And when you do, by faith and rnjgl 

To Zion's hill repair, 
To make his service your delight, 
Your wants will be his care, 

4 Then come. Oh! come toZion's hill! 

Coroe 10 the shepherd's fold! 
And (here the law of God fulfil. 

And call them to repent: 
> gather up to Zion, 
Where Ephraim shall be free, 
s watchmen now are crying, 

Mow let your flight be speedy, 

And joyful be your song; 

le meek, the poor and needy 

Be sure you take along; 

lat they may cease from crying 

Beneath the oppressor's rod, 

lioy the light of Zion, 

And learn to walk with God. 

For now, in Zi<_.. 

His standard is unfurled, 
id there a holy fountain 
U opened Co the world, 
lere life's eternal waters 
Are free to all that come; 
len Zion's sons and daughters. 
Go flocking to your home. 

■'or there will be salvation, 

When God from Zion roars: 

ben fiery indignation 

Jd Babylon he pours. 

■en wicked men aie cr^\n?. 

HYMN 67. (cm.) 

1 Far from the scenes of war and stx* 

O Lord, to Zion's hill, 
I have retired lo spend my life, 
And to perform thy will. 

2 In Zion — in the Saints' retreat — 

Forever I would be ; 
And share the love and union sweet 
Of those that follow thee. 

3 There I would dwell, and ever pour 
To thee my heartfelt lays ; 
Till pulse and heart shall beat no mo 
On earth, to sing^ thy praise. 

I Jehovah is our God, 

On Zion's hill he reigns; 
He makes her cities his abode. 
And her defence a 

; Dear Zion now is known, 
A refuge for th' oppress'd ; 
All men, who will truth's standard o 
In Zion shall be blest. 

3 Though kings against her join, 

They'll find the Lord is there ; 
Although their will and strength com 
They'll Hee in sad despair. 

4 Our fathers oft have Cold— 

And we have also found 
That God will safe secure his fold, 
When wolves are prowling round. 

5 When Satan's power shall rage. 

The Lord himself makes kno-wn 
TJial he wil! for his Saints ensaae, 
T/JJ Satan is o'eithrovin. 

And all theiV wants' s 
' ny blessings re 
On all thy SaiDl. 
Wiihout restraini 
ri-omeasi to h-pb 

z May 

— ■^""Ltuinjo nse, 
" or evil words increa 
But may they sacrifice 

Like Saints above, 
^_ «v faith and love 
^^t '"'■'I' Works contri 


4 For Zion shall go forth. 

Her wisdom shall be known, 
Till all the kings of earth 
Shall bow before her throne. 
For Zion's God 
Shall have control, 
Till ev'ry soul 
Shall own his rod. 

HYMN 70. (L. M.) 

1 Shine on! O light of Zion, shine! 
Until thy rays reach eveiy isle ; 
Spread forth Ihy light of truth divine. 
Till ev'ry honest soul shall smile. 

a Shine on, Zion, till thy light 

Shall reach the heart of every king; 
Till all who in thy truth delight, 
Their treasures to thy stores shall 

3 Shine on! now lei thy curtains spread. 
And strong and many be thy stakes ; 
Till freedom boldly tears its head : 
Till every tyrant's yoke it breaks. 

«»«» 71. (C. , 
' With o„ „ 

ioiiminsongsof prai; 

2 Assured that hp U r„j , 

tJE""™'". "Whe 

ZION. 8 1 

HYMN 72. (L. M.) 

1 How blest, O Lord, thy people are, 
Who to Mount Zion now repair, 
And join the gatherings of the Saints, 
Where freedom reigns without re- 

2 How blest are they, from danger free. 
Where they can meet and worship thee 
Beneath their vine arid fig tree shade ; 
Where none molest or make afraid. 

3 How blest are they beneath thy care, 
Who daily can thy blessings share, 
Who from oppression's hand are freed, 
With plenty to supply their need. 

4 How blest are they! while thy kind 

Doth daily make their hearts rejoice, 
Through him who stands in Joseph's 

And counsels with him face to face. 

5 How blest and well thy people fare 
Who to Mount Zion now repair *, 
They ever shall be biest, whWe VW^ 

Jhjr word and counsel shaW obe>,-. 

And drink from Zion's 

2 Thou art our Shepherd.E 

For thou thy sheep ha 

And gatheredfrom a sea 

To Zion's peaceful res 

We love to dwell within 
I ny pasture is our cho 

And, iiltelhysheepinda 
1 o hear thy peaceful v, 

» For thou thy she. 

And gatheredfrom 
To Zion's peacefi 
J We love to dwell « 
Thy pasture is ou 
And, iilte ihy sheep 
To hear thy peaci 
4 The^cloud remove s 

ZIOK. 83 

HYMN 74. (I.. M.) 

1 O Father, hear while Zion sings, 
And unto thee her tribute brings! 
Of fervent ihanks, ihy love to share. 
Accept her offering and her prayer. 

2 When we enjoy the lowest seat. 
Where Saints and holy beings meet, 
Not all the glory kings receive, 

Can tempt our feet (fie place to leave. 

3 God is the source of Zion's li^ht; 
He is her shield by day and night; 
He wards off all the deadly blows, 
In vengeance aimed, by all her foes. 

4 O Zion, that good tidings brings! 
Unto Ihy courts shall earthly tings 
Draw near, as prophets have foretold, 
And bring their crowns, their gems 

and gold. 

HYMN 75. (c, M.) 

I Praise the King of Zion! praise' 
Till all her roouniarns ring'. 
Let Zion's sons and daughters tai^fc 
Stt-eet songs to Zion's\ 

J i-,ci mountains, dales, \ 
And birds upon the wi 
With beasts and reptil 
Give praise to Zion's I 

4 Let kings and judges, toe 

With pilgrim, slave anc 
Let sw^ns and maidens, i 
With infancy and age, 

5 Let all the Kin^ of Zion ] 

Who Zion's hght hath j 
Through Joseph Smith, i 

T^ 1 - - ' 

2 The mother break kind nature's laws, 

And from her child remove; 
Vet, God declares that Zion's caus£ 
He ne'er forgets to love. 

3 His -love for her shall ever burn ; 

It never more shall cease ; 
While all her children shall return 
And rear her walls In peace. 

4 Her enemies shall be destroyed ; 

Her warfare sbon be o'er; 
And all who have her peace annoyed. 
Shall siok to rise no more. 

HYMN 77. (S. M.) 

1 Lo! Zion's sons are blest. 

Whose love and hopes are one. 
Whose strong desire to please iliee 
Through all their actions run ! 

2 How blest thy people, Lord, 

Where love and O/endsbip raeet, 
Anii mingled piahe, with one accovft. 

Theie, on bright Zion's h 
„ The Saints are owned i 
While joy and love each 
And peace fills ev'ry br 


It Lord, I would be meek an 
Evil passions lay aside; 
And 1 would be pure and I 
And by all thy laws abid 

4 Thus would walk the path before n 
Zion's rights, too, would mainlain 
I nould share io Zioo's glory, 
When the Savior comes to reign, 

HYMN 79, (4-6's &4-4's.) 

1 Hail! Zion's fountain, hail! 

1, of thy glory sing, 
Whose waters never fail. 
Salvation's gift to bring. 
And shall endure, 

With love and grace, 
To bless the poor 
Of Adam's race. 

2 Hail! Zion's heralds, hail! 

Ye servants of our God ; 
Let not your courage fail, 
To spread the light abroad. 
Tell all to come 

And drink at will. 
And find a home 
On Zion's hill. 

3 Hail! Zion's daughters, hail! 
Forgetting all your wrongs, 
Be heard no more to wart, 
IVhile singing Zion's aoTvgs. 

Her cause should 

1 nat you may not be 

i- he loss of sacred 

Oh, soulid your 1 

And hymns abi 

in sacred praise 

ToZion'3 Godi 

HYMN 80. (7's. 

' xxrT ^^ ^ ^^°^ o^ rest, 
w^m'^^u^^ people, Lord, a 
While they come from evV 

10 ObPV thxr tiio*- , 

4 Zion is a land of light, 

Where the Saints, in circles white, 
Meet to call upon the Lord, 
To receive his will and word. 

5 Zion in a land that's pure, 
Where the Saints in love endure. 
They are striving to fulfil 

All tneir Heav'nly Father's will. 

[ How sweet, on Zion's hill, O Lord, 
It is for Saints to meet! 
Sweet praise to sin^ to tlieir own King, 
And worship at his feel. 

: Such seasons of delight and peace, 
The dawn of glory seems. 
While scenes so bright, with rays c 
On each one's pathway beams. 

3 O blest assurance of thy love ! 
Bright morn of heav'nly day\ 
Sweet foretaste this of entHess \)\\s.s, 
T/tat cheers us on our wav. 


*,.w*x aiicui we like our F 
Our kingdoms to extent 

While our increase shall 
In worlds that have no 

HYMN 82. (8'S & 7 

ZioDy if I e'er forsake thee 
Or for thee should cease 

Let my Father's rod o'erta 
While I here on earth si 

^ vj 

ziON. gi 

HYMN 83. (;'s.> 

1 Watchman, tell us, ff you can. 

What the night's dark prospects are ? 
Is there any hope for man? 
Yes ; there is a rising star, 

2 Watchman, is there in its ray 

Aught dispersing shades of night? 
Yes; 'lis bringing in the dav. 
Promised daj', of Zion's light. 

4 Watchman, will its beams illume 

Earth, and drive its darkness forih? 
Yes; 'tis Zion's light to come, 
Lo, it bursts o'er all ihe earth ! 

5 Watchman, tell us, if you can. 

Does a day of rest remain? 
Yes; with peace and love to man, 
When God has the wicked slain. 

6 Watchman, will nol Zion cease 

Soon, lo (eel oppression's Toi^ 
Ves; and earth be filled wilh peatft. 
Soon mill come the Son of tj^A- 


T-u '? 3 da V of nmmft 

"■ajar or schism. 
^ ^1^.°"^^"^ years sl,3lM.e 


HVHN 8;. (8's A 7's.) 

r Go, ye heralds of salvation, 

Chosen by the Lord's command ! 
Go to ev'ry heathen nation. 
Publish truth to ev'ry land ! 

2 Go, and search in dens and n 
For the lost of Israel's seed! 
Go, and lish 'moDg isles and fountains, 
Find and bring them home with 

herinpis comoleted. 

4 Then the song of ioj' and gladness 
Will from ev'ry land ascend; 
Then will sorrow, pain and sadness. 
Be forever at an end. 

I When will the seventh angel sound, 
And all the heav'nly host recoTi 
That all the naiions now are Soufti 
To be the kingdatas of tbe V-oii. 



2 Whe 

n Zion'B 

children are 



Ves; then aga 

And o'er t&e 

vicked sball be slain; 
m the Lord shall come, | 
earifa in glory reign. 

3 K"!! 

on, roll o 

n the happy da 


Whilf .ksiis is ivilh ihcr 
and liv day, 
rhy lidiiigs'of irn'h and ^a 

'I'lii: honcsl their mandiilf; 


3 Soon may the day come, thou 
Kiiig of Zion, 
When war and commotion shall 
be done, 
The curse be removed, and the 
and the lion. 
Shall lay down loj;ether as one, 

HVMS 88. (C. M.) 

I O Father, now on Zion shine! 
With truth and heav'nly grace; 
Reveal thy love and poi 
And show thy s™'''"" 

2 Thai through the earth, from pole 

The light from Zion'a hill 

May shine, till ev'rv honest soul 

S'hall understand thy will. 

3 Then will the wicked be destroyed. 

As prophets did forelell, 
That none may cry, "Know ye tl 

For all shall know him well. 

4 May 

[ O Father, still on Zion's hill 

Thy love and power make known, 

Till nations, all, before thee fall, ~l 

And Zion 8 sceptre own. ' 

2 Thv kingdom come, thy will be don 

O'er all the earth and main, 
That peace and joy, without alloy. 
In ev'ry heart may reign. 

3 For Gentile power shall fiom this ho 

Upon ihe earth decrease, 
Till Christ again shall come lo reij; 
And till the earth with peace. 

4 Then great reward, from Christ t 

Will to the Saints bv given; 
ilosaur.a sing lo Zion's King, 
Ye .Saints, in earlh and heav'n. 

Who has raised liis heav'niy banner 
To the world, on Zion's hill; 

Though old balan 
Keeps his wailare raging siill. 

2 Soon vour arm will be victorious; 

Ciod hath sworn you shall prevail. 
Then ihe war will end most glorious, 
For his word can never Jaii. 

Then old Satan 
Shall in chains and prison wail. 

3 Shoutl ye Saints, with joy and glail- 

Comforl all the faint and worn; 

Soon the sound of grief and sadness, 

Shall away from earth be borne. 

TheD the Saints shall 
Cease oppression's hand to mourn, 

4 Then all earth will shout hosanna, 

To our Father, who unfurled 
And in Zion raised his banner. 
To redeem and save the world. 

And old Satan 
Chain'd, and to his prison hurled. 

3 Oh! then shall all upon 
Their Father's name 
And all, inspired with 
Shall praise him ever 

HYMN 92. (L. 

1 On Zion's hill Jehovah 

And for his Saints h 

The cause of love and t 

Though wicked men i 

2 For he hath sworn that 

Shall o'er the earth af 


Now, soon shall come the peaceful 
For which the Saints have sought so 
When ev'ry soul on earth can say 
There's not a dag to move his tongue. 

HYMN 93. (7*s & 5's D.) 

1 When the sun and milder skies 

Usher in the spring, 
Oh, what sounds of joy then rise ! 

While the sweet birds sing. 
Ev'ry thing to God doth give 

Songs 01 love and praise ; 
All ye, then, who by him live, 

Some sweet anthem raise. 

2 Lo ! the spring doth now appear 

Dawning on our eyes ; 
And the great millennial year 

Shall the world surprise. 
Soon the shades of winter's night 

Shall no more appear; 
And the rays of heav'nly light 

Usher in the year. 

3 Then, what sounds of joy and praise 

Through the earth shall ring; 
What sweet anthems all's\\a\\ T2l\^&^^ 
Then, to Z ion's Kinsf. 

May the momenis swiftly fly, 

Let the years roll round, 
WliGQ there shall, beneath the sky, 

Not a mute be found. 

We soon shall see ihe f;loiious dav 

When Zion h unbound; 
!ltr (iL'ntile chain he cast away, 

; Wlien all her loes. Lhionnh dread and 

Al Coir's rehnke shall Hv: 
When pain shall cease, aiid ev'ry (ear 
He wiped from ev'ry eye. 


5 Then, Father, hasten on the day 
Of Zion's jubilee, 
When ev'ry chain is cast away, 
And all her sons are free. 


HYMN 95. (8*S & 7*S.) 

1 Cease, ye fearful Saints, to murmur! 

Purify yourselves from sin; 
Let your love and faith grow firmer, 
Life — eternal lite to win. 

2 Rouse you up; no time for leisure; 

Labor while 'tis called to-day; 
Fly from ev'ry sinful pleasure 
That allures you from the way. 

3 Fearful, ever-changing mortals, 

All who win the prize must fight; 
Sleep will not unlock the portals 
Leading to the worlds of light. 

4 Let your lamps be trimmed and bv\YY\*\\-\'5i^\ 

yjark! /ije proclamation heav. 
1.0/ the bridegroom is relvirn\n^j;, 
Ami the wedding day is neav. 

1 Who shall stand when ChrisI appears? 

Wilh him reign a thousand years — 
tLver be a welcome guest, 
Through the glorious day of rest? 

2 He who doth his Father know. 

Ami performs his will below; 

I [e who has been just and kind, 

Lib'tal in his soul a.iU mind; 

3 lie whose hope doth still abide, 

flavins; been in all things tried ; 
1 le shall be a welcome tjnest 
In thai jjlorious (lav of rest. 


3 The standard there is reared, 

The trumpet, too, is blown; 

Its sound is by the nations feared. 

And by the righteous known. 

4 A feast of love is there, 

And all the poor, oppressed, 
Who will corae up, may in it share, 
And be a welcome guest. 

5 The fountain, too, of iife, 

From Zion's hill doth flow ; 
Then flee, ye Saints, from war ai 

And to Mount Zion go. 

6 The Lord will then appear; 

We hear the midnight cry — 
Behold, the Bridegroom now is ne; 
His wedding day is nigh. 

The Bridegroom soon will come. 

Ohl hear the watchman cry: 
Ves Saints, to Zion gather home, 

The marriage feast is nish I 

. T/>en have your lamps \n\nrc. 
wiib oil and light possessetl. 

And be a welcome gucBl. 

3 For all who are not wise, 

Wlio slumber long, and slecf), 

Will wake, at last, in sad surprise 

When ihev are left to weep, 

] Zion, peaceful, happy land, 

For Ihe needy and oppressed I 

Where the house of Cod shall s 

And the weary all find resl. 

• Come, ve -Saints, and leave the t 

Flee 'from lialijlon, Oh, Hee! 

.Shake the voke from off vour necl 

Then you'll be forc\-erVrtc. 

3 Lo! the sound has now gone loi il 

Hunr ihe wati-hmnn's Mi!i:m(i tt 
Ho; vc bainlsinaiUheeunh. 
To'MouiitZinn,;iiicl,ly lly. 

4 Soon Uie Biiilffirocim will .T[)]R'nL 

Soon tlie iMrile ijrtp.ired «ill liu 
r'>rl\<c WKldins;aa\\sv>c,tf. 

Christ's second coming. 105 

5 Soon the scourge will pass the world ; 
Soon the wicked will be slain; 
Soon their kingdoms down be hurled ; 
Soon the Saints with Christ will 

HYMN 100. (p. M.) 

1 Come, Saints, and sing to Zion's King 

A song of joy and gladness ; 
With heart and voice we will rejoice, 
And drive away our sadness. 

2 We'll watch and pray, by night and 


With lamps well trimmed and burn- 
The watchmen cry, the wedding's 

The Bridegroom is returning. 

3 We will rejoice to hear his voice, 

When we go out to meet him: 
With love and grace behold his face. 
And shouts of joy to greet him. 

4 He'll cry, "Ye blest, ye are my guests 

Come ye unto the weddmgl 
Now Joyful, then, we shall be vj\\e^ 
VVe'vehadihe liridegroom'sbKdeiAU^ 

Siveet perfM 
niey lo us 1 
Ciod providL- 

s oi !he field 

ne and beauU- yield; 

for all thnt live. 

Kv'rv insect 
Fiom lilt Ki- 
Sinful m;in, 

bird and beasl, 
aient to the least, 
n all his pride, 
their wants provide. 

Tlien Willi c 

anlidente, ye Saints, 

Comt to liti 
I'tll liim ^)I1 
ni,:ii from ^ 

am ;ou .shall be freed 


6 Enter, now, ihy chambers there; 
Shut thy doors, and then prepare 
For the day of veoeeance near, 
When the Savior shall appear, 

7 He will on the wicked iread; 
Then his garments will be red 
With the Blood of all his foes, 
Who on earth his work oppose. 


HYMN 102. (7'S.) 

1 On the morn of the third day. 
See! the rock is rolled away; 
Seals are broke and guauis are tied, 
Jesus rises from the dead. 

; "Tis the Savior: see him come! 
See him cihmoh o'er tlie tom\i\ 
i'es; t/iroufih sJieclding of his Wood, 
i-Jes/i and bones gan UweU wU\v ^~'Q'i. 

4 Praise him, then, ye S. 
Praise him, all who kn 
Praise unto the Lord b 
Praise him in ten thou 

HYMN 103. (C 

1 Shall death, O Lord, fp 

And his dominion kee 
Shall all the righteous 
In death forever sleep 

2 O, no; the mnrnJ.^'- "-- 

t Morning broke on the third day, 
Soon iis gloom all passed away; 
Day of wonder and surprise — 
Jesus from the tomb did rise. 

3 Ye who are of death afraid, 
See the tomb where Jesus laid ; 
All its bars are thrown aside. 
And its door left open wide. 

3 Thus our elder brother rose, 
Con(|uered death and all his foes; 
He will not his brethren doom 
Long to slumber in the tomb. 

4 He will bring them forth again. 
With himself to live and reign, 
Where with sons of God they've sung, 
Kre this world from chaos sprunjj. 

5 Then rejoice, ye sons of Cod,' 
Shout! antl sing his abroad; 
Fear not death, though earth oppose; 
Soon you'll conquer all your foes. 


And lo Ihe world in hea 

Tlie Book of Cov'nmits, loo, is Rr 
AH Geniile creeds to scan, 

And point llie only way lo lieav'n. 
Tliat God desigiis for man. 

Tliese hoolcs are Zioti's li^lil divine 
Tlial God lialh said slionid come. 

And give lier power to rise and sli 
And call ber children lionie. 


Thy law, through Joseph Smith re- 
in this dark age of night. 

2 I long had sought some one lo show, 

And point me out the way 
That God desired his Saints to go, 
In this the latter day; 

3 But none could find, till Joseph came. 

Repent! to me he said; 
And be baptized in Jesus' name, 
With hands laid on your head. 

4 Then, when I had his word obeyed, 

My joy could not be told; 
1 spoke with tongues, and prophesied, 
As did the Saints of old. 

5 No wish had I, nor could refuse, 

The power that on me fell ; 
Light tilled my soul, my tongue was 

The glorious news to lell. 

f> For he to me this truth revealed, 
That he had Jo.-ieph sent, 
And on his head his Priesthood sealed, 
To call men to repent. 


^ hand will on them fall. 

. Thy word ihroMgh Joseph senl 
Uoth shed celestial light; 
It calls the wicked to repent, 
And sets Ihy people right- 
True wisdom it imparts, 
Dispels each rising fear; 


2 It sweelly cheers the fainiing heart. 
With Joy it fills the soul ; 
Ligiht, life and peace it dolh impart, 
And makes ttie wounded whole. 

J It is a lamp to guide our feet 

Throunh life's dark, thorny way ; 
1 1 makes our glory, too, complete. 
In worlds of endless day. 

t Hail! Book of Mormon! for thy ra^s 
Dispel the shades of night, 
Diffusing in these latter days 
Most glorious beams of light. 

2 We hail, it, Lord, for Ihis great cause, 
It guides our wandering fe-' 
Renews our knowledge oT tl 

In these the latter (lavs, 
As ancient prophets have declared. 
To show us all thy ways. 

I We Aa/Z/ta.'ia record sealed. 
Of Jacob's toys! seed; 

5 We hail it, for its word declares 
That Gentile power and pride, 
And ev'ry yoke ihal Ephvaim wears, 
Shall soon be set aside. 

'> We hail it as a sign decreed 
That Japheth'.H reisn is o'er. 
That Shem from hondase shall hf 

To wear the yoke no more. 

; We hail it as the light lo come, 
On Zton's holy hill. 
To call her scatlered children home. 
T<i learn their father's will. 


3 The counsels of my Father here 
On ev'ry page I read ; 
And if his counseta I revere, 
1 shall be blest indeed. 

endless rest, 
nd pleasure never dies, 
3f ttie blest? 

Let all the people know. 
As far as earlh is trod. 
Thai he, the Prophet Joseph, sent 
To call the nations to repent. 

2 That in the Father's name. 

The prophets to fulfil, 

The Book of Mormon came 

To li^-hlen Zlon's hill, 

By bringing Joseph's seed to W^^^^., 

With ev'ry sacred Gospel rile. 

3 That Zioii's light is come; 

That she bejrins io rise, 
And call her children home, 

ThrouK'' faith and sacrifice; 
To share her safe and sure retrea^"^ 
While God shall all her foes defeat. 

That whispers life ami peace; 
t makes llie sorrowful rejoice, 
And all their moiiriiinjj cease. 

Jo earthly balm like this 
Can cheer the liroktn heari ; 

Jo dreams of joy or earthly blis; 
Can .such deftuht impart. 


HYMN 113. (7's.) 

1 Holy Spirit, heav'nly dove! 

Fill my heart with peace and love; 
Drive ray gloomy thoughts away; 
Turn my darkness into day. 

2 Holy Spirit, comfort me; 
From affliction set me free ; 
Light and life to me impart; 
Sanctify and cleanse my heart. 

3 Holy Spirit, guide me still, 
Keep my feet from ev'ry ill; 
Bring me to my Father's rest, 
With the righteous and the blest. 

HYMN 114, (8's.) 

O come! thou sweet spirit of light I 
With thy pow'r and grace uncon- 
Dispel the gloomy shades of night, 
That thicken and brood o'er my 

With wisdom and love fill my heart, 

Sweet truth, li^hl and vinue d\se\o^^. 
That I may from evil depart, 
And shun all tht snaies ol n\\ io^ 



J That llirough lliy blest teaching maj 

The deptli of my Savior's sweet iove, 
rlie folly of all things below, 
And glory of all things above. 

4 That while upon earth I shall stay, 
I may not let go of the rod. 
Thai safely will guide in the way. 
And brini; me safe home to mv God. 




e sacr 

ed trulh u 







s of iiifiiu 



adarNened «o 





he an 

s of light 

: is Ihal precious Untb, O God, 
Thou diilsl to Joseph irive; 
right as ihc sun it Miiiies abroad 

Life, iight and joy within we find, 
To quell our rising fears. 

5 This lamp will guide our feel aiighl, 
Through life's uneven way. 
Till we receive celestial light, 
Id worlds of endless day. 

2 A faith that %vt 

Thy precepts and thy word, 

And in the hour of grief and pa 

Will lean upon thee, Lord. 

3 A faith that will more bright ap 

>r darkness know. 

I A living faitb, O Lord, like ihta, 
Will ihou thy servant ^ve — 
A faretastG of eternal btias, 
While on Lhe earth 1 live. 

"?■ (3-6's & J-S's.) 


4 Yes, faith, good works and love 
Will make me clean and pure; 
'Twill ev'ry fear and doubt remove, 

And jov and peace secure ; 
'Twill keep me clear from earthly strife. 
And give me, too, eternal life. 

HYMN 118. (c. M.) 

I O strengthen, Lord, my faith in theel 
More faith and love bestow. 
If thou withdraw thyself from me, 
Ah! whither shall 1 go? 

1 Thy Son, for me the cross endured 
Before to earth 1 came; 
That I, through faith, may be secnred 
From endless woe and shame. 

^ And now, to thee, in faith, I lift 

My heart in solemn praver; 

That 1 may ever have the gift, 

And all Its blessings share. 

- A aim IS a strong aiK 
To arm us for the be 

When foes are gre 
When faint, it does o 
And all our enemies 

It is the victor's so 

3 Faith, as a great and 
Illuminates the darke 

Of sorrow, pain ani 
Its light reflects to wc 
On mansions of celes 

Where holy beings 

4 Faith is the source of 
And all our blessings 

3 The faith the Saint.i possessed of old, 
All truth and wisdom will unfold; 
It, hidden things will bring to view, 
And ev'ry sacred rite renew. 

3 11 breaks the troop, and leaps the wall; 
It soars on high, like good old Paul; 
It arms the Saints with pow'r and 

And puts the alien hosts to flight. 

4 This is Ihe faith my soul desires. 
Which all the heav'niy host inspires. 
And with the Saints I shall possess, 
If I in righteousness progress. 

; Then, Father, may ! faitl>ful be, 
Until I shall return to ihce ; 
And (hen be crowned a lawful son, 
With pow'r to do as thou hast done. 

I O Lord, thou a 

My liKht bv n 

II dp me thy tr 

Aad walk ih, 

t my hope and guide, 
j;ht and day; 
-unsels to aV.ide, 


l\Iy fortress, shield 

My true and everlast 

While in the narro 


HYMN 122. (8'j 

I Come ! all ye who s< 
Walk the path th^ 



Dread no ill that can befall you, 
While you walk the narrow way. 

4 Buried with the Lord, and rising 

To a life divinely new, 
Fearless, though the world despising, 
In the heav'nly way pursue. 

5 Though offend some dear connection. 

Though you suffer loss or shame, 
You will have the pure reflection 
Jesus suffered, once, the same. 

6 Fellowship with him possessing. 

You must die to ev'ry sin ; 
Then, in faith and love progressing, 
You eternal life shall win. 

HYMN 123. (s. M.) 

The joy that's born of grace, 

Is in the Gospel found. 
Prepared for all of Adam's race 

Who will obey the sound. 

Now, all who wish to win 
Salvation, must believe^ 
And be baptized for all the\r s\\\. 
The spirit to receive. 

t roni a c\-iv^».~- 

4 Ye thirsty, come and taste, 
And living waters, then, 
Within vou shall spring up 
You'lf no more thirst agai 

HYMN 124. (C. M.) 

1 O Father, now, in Jesus* m 
• Wilt thou my helper be. 
To leave my folly, sin and 

And place my trust in th 

2 Among thy servants, Lon 

Myself to thee I give ; 
To be baptized at thy com 
That I, through faith, m 



HYMN 125. (8-8-5's.) 

1 When trembling sinners wish to know 
How they may shun the road to woe, 

And have pure joy within, 
We tell them, though by men despis'd, 
They must repent and be baptized, 

And wasn away their sin. 

2 Then, if more light they should desire, 
And wish to feel the spirit's fire, 

Hands must on them be laid. 
The spirit, then, they shall receive, 
Whicn will their doubts and fears re- 

And give them heav'nly aid. 

3 Then, if perfection they would share, 
To Zion they must soon repair. 
And seek the counsel giv'n 
By those who stand where Joseph 

And show to all the only road 
That leads mankind to Yxe^iVw. 


come and be baptized, 
me, the Savior cries; 
ihowo the glorious way, 
11 lead o endless day 

2 Come, saith Jesus, hear my voice! 
Mahe my joke jour only cnoice; 
Blest is he who wears it well, 
la my kingdom he shall dwell. 

3 Come, saith Jesus, come away! 
Take my cross wiihoul delay; 
Preach my Gospel to the poor, 
And eternal life secure. 

4 Come, saith Jesus, follow me! 
Where I am (here you shall be; 
1 your mansion will prepare, 
And will soon receive you there. 

Eternal life to win; 
■\rise, repent, and be baptized. 
And wash away your sin. 

^ow is ihe day of grace. 
No longer then delay, 
* m come, and seek your Father's 
And worship him to-day. 

To day the Lord will save; 

I' hen, Oh, be wise! to mciiri: 

May set upon your grave. 

While iViscalTed't 

2 Your sins you now m 

Oh, then, no longei 
100 soon the Spirit v 
And then/twill be 

3 Then come, obey his 

Repenting of your 
And be baptized into 
And- life eternal wir 

4 ^|?,v.»^^'^ ^^*s Spirit's 

wr^i ™^^^ y^^^ hea 

While you in faithfuin 

And hearken to his 


2 Oh! take my yoke, and learn to be 

Of meek and lowly mind ! 
And allwho will thus come to me, 
Pure joy and peace shall find. 

3 For light and easy is mv yoke. 

The burdtn 1 impose' 
Shall heal the heart by sorrow broki 
And drive away its woes. 

4 Then come to me ! to Zion's hill ; 

Where you shall with me reign, 
Aod learn to do your Father's will, 
And endless glory gain. 

HVMN 131. (8's, 7's & 4.} 

1 Sinner, can you slight the Savior? 

Can you scorn his dying love? 
Can you shun the light, the favor, 
Sent in mercy from above? 

Stop and ponder, 
While you feel the Spirit move. 

2 Whifc/ou fiear the proclan\aV;oT\, 

Though by wicked men desp\sed. 

3 Then you'll share the Spirit's sealiagi 
When the elders' bands are laid 
On your head, if you are willing 
By iheir counsel lo be led. 
With the Prieslhood 
Of redemption for your dead. 

HVMN 133. (L. M.) 

My muse, Oh ! now 10 me retuin ! 

While wisdom I would strive to seel 
I feel the fire begin to burn, 

Aod feel somewhat impres>ed 

3 As I was traveling down the road 

That kads lo hell and endless pain. 
Mv awful end, to me. he showed, 
If in my sin I did remain. 

4 1 found a record in his word. 

Thai, if I would fofsake my sin. 
And be baptized inio Ihe Lord, 
His love and favor I should win. 

5 And when baptized, his word lo ]llo^^, 

I fell mv burden from me roll, 
D(l£ couM nol lell from whence av\i-\\ 

And peace should tome \o fvVi ""^"^ 
sou]. » 

HYMN 134- (8's &7's.) 

Z'orae, poor sinner, 
God Wh now his 

seek salvation t 

servants sent, 

A^iththcYoiceof rt 


Calling aU men to 


z Hear your Heav'nly Father call >oo, 
Rise, repent, and be baptized, 
1 le llio'.c drtadtiil plagues btlall \ou 
Whitli mil -.oon iht world surprise 

, Ihui tht FloU Spirits seilin^, 
' %c,uiMnvln]e nhen hindsare liu 
nmoiu held inlli po« i ofhealinc, 


2 Come, rcpeni! obey ihe call 
God hath giv'n through me lo al 
Your salvation to complete. 
Come to Zion's blest retreat. 

3 Zion is a land of rest; 
Come, and be forever blest. 
Faithful to the end endure, 
Theo eternal life in sure, 

HYMN 136. (l. M.) 

' I see inscribed upon the cross, 

In golden letters, "God is love," 

Who sent his Son to save our loss. 

And bring salvation from above. 

2 Oh, bear your cross! the Savior cries, 

And follow me of lowlv heart; 
Be faithful, till jou win tlie prize, 
And in my kingdom share a pari. 

3 The cross will take your guilt away, 

And buoy jour famting spirits up; 
'Twill gi]d with hope each cloudy day, 
And sweeten ev'ry bitter cup. 

4 It fiives JOU life, and heals your w^it. 
And fills rour heart witbjovawi\cisf 
.1 glorious ^'u/de while here be\(iv.- , 
io lead you to the worlds abo-Jfc. 

^^iacyouat lastm; 




' ^\?T'^ ^^""^» the 
iJoth now begin to r 

Above the hills^it^sh^-n' 

The WorM if A^.y. ' 


4 Then come, ye Saints, from 

Ob«y the Lord's command; 
For now is his appointed time. 
To favor Zion s land. 

To the Saints in friendship greeting, 
Grace, love, mercy and good will 

Unto all who now are wailing 
To come up on Zion's hill. 

Come, ye loyal sons of Zion, 
Come ye to your mountain home. 

Joseph's horns and Jacob's lion, 
Come, help rear the temple, come ! 

2 For the temple's great foundation 

Now is laid, by God's command ; 

You who wish your dead salvation. 

Come! and lend a helping hand, 

3 Zion's cords begin to lengthen, 

Anii her ciiruws spread abroad, 
And her Slakes begin to strenai-\\eTi 
Bj-iJie wisdom of our God. 

LjS THE IIOl'SE OF Gm>, 1 

t TIioueI) ihe Genliles faave been darta 

Mobbed and slain our brethtcn am 

Oft [heir goods and lands been sbarn 

Yet, no mob dare venture bete. 1 

5 Here the Saints are now enjoying * 

Plenty, with a peaceful home; 

And their time and means employiq 

To provide for all who come. 

< Come, and help camplel 

Then the I'rie.-lhoiid i 

Shall he plati-(l. nilh hic 

Ihe Lempli 
n \otii' hes 
iM,><;s amp! 

J Saiiils. iIioukIi long o])presst 
,ti.', Iiv the Kurd's comm.niid. 


nd kiDgs, too, would come 1 
Its beamy (o behold, 
nd of its glory would dedal 
The half was never told. 

Now, in the latter day, 
As prophets have declared, 

Benighted nations far away 
The Gospel light have shared. 

And made their solemn vows. 

Wilji anxious heart and will, 

To go up to Jehovah's house, 

[] the blessings share, 
That on the just he does bestow, 
Who come to worship Ihere, 


Tlie Saints, his temple build, 

In Joseph's promi.sed land, 

The Lord there wails. 

Aud I here doth dwell 
And loves the gates 
Of Zion weir 

:; Oh, Zion's happy land! 

Thv name shall spread abroad. 
Till nations itnilerstanil 
The_i;lory of our God. 
With heart and hand. 

His Saints oliey 

His Just command. 

Without delay. 

; All ;/loi 


to o 



2 All those who wish the Lord to know, 

As Abram knew of old. 
Must quickly Co Mount Zion go, 
As prophets have foretold, 

3 There is a school of prophets there. 

Whose teacher is the Lord; 

And all who wish can now prepare 

To come and learn his word. 

4 Then come, >e Saints, in all the earth ; 

Vour Father says, come home; 
For Zion now is spreading forth, 
Why longer will you roam? 

143. (4-6's & 4-4's-) 

L'ome to the house of pray'r, 

O you afflicted ones! 
Vour God will meet you then 
As daughters and as sons. 
There he will hear 

Your pray'ra and ciies, 
■ And wipe the tear 
from ail you, eyes. 

^nd spend a 
Jn praise a 

3 Vou aged, hither 
Your Father's 

°/ ^i'?'' >'0" wiJ 

"^J?, ^eave your 

^n, then drav 

Your ofPrin 

^f^praise and 

To Zion's K 

4 Come, too, you joy 
And bow before 
^ojne, Jearn to knc 
And to obev his 

lUSE OF G0». 

2 While in Ihv temple thus we meet, 

Thy Spint, Lord, impart; 
And from above, let faith and love, 
Fill ev'ry wailing heart. 

3 There may the sick, by faith, be healed. 

The bliod their sight obtain; 
And great increase of joy and peace. 
In ev'ry bosom reign. 

4 There, may the songs of sacred praise 

And humble prayer arise; 

Till each obtain a mansion fair. 

And reign within the skies. 

HYMN 145. (c. )E.) 

I On Zion's hill thy people meet, 
O Lord, in thy great name, 
To bow the knee, to worship thee. 
And thy protection claim. 

! Thv love hath brought us from afar. 
To Zion's peaceful land. 
Where we cm claim, in Jesu^' na'mc. 
Great blessingn at thy hanil. 





3 l)h, may we, 

He bound 

And all be on 


each and theeTM 
c, ihroimh Ctiristl 
we may l)e. ■ 

i Tlicre at the portal of ihy hoU« 
We'll leave our worldly fears. 
And enter there to pay each vow 
We madt in former years. 

: The 

1 \VI,. 

J ^-jiil 

e, Lord, redeem ou 
vLlh IIS mav reign, 
is likst with ptai 

1 w 

ih Sal a 

n in lii.-i chain, 

\ "1 1 


\M) (iFl-KKIXC 


2 For when, like sheep, we waodered 

From paths ordained ot old. 
He Joseph sent to he our guide, 
And bring us to his fold. 

4 The tithes and oflerings ivhith w 

Are all that we possess. 
He is our Father and our King, 
And does our labors bless, 

; With thousand fold of earthly gain. 
And blessings from above, 
Which we return to him again, 
With gratitude and love. 

[ Ye Saints throughout the earih, rejoice 
Oh, glory give to Zion's King! 
And while vou hearken to \V\s vtv.te, 
Vour irea'nurea to Mounl 'Z.\v)u\iv"" 

j i>»ear /.ion's King i 

He o'er the eartl 

And all must bow 1 

Who do his love 

4 Oh, enter then his 1 

That you may all 1 

And, yearly, make i 

To pay your free ^ 

HYMN 148. 

Father, now to thee 
Thou art holv. in« 


Lord, we bring thee ev'ry thing 
Thou didst e'er on us beslow; 

4 And, with all, ourselves we give. 

Wives and children with the rest ; 
In thy cause to die or live, 
As thou, Father, thinkest best. 

5 'Tis like giving dross for gold ; 

Thou wilt give them back in love, 
On our heads a thousand fold, 
With eternal lives above. 


HYMN 149. (L. M.) 

I Again the dav of rest returns, 
And love within our bosom burns 
To God, who hallowed, chose and 

This holy, sacred day of rest. 

J We should devote this holy day 
To learn his will, and to obey 
His holy laws, and fervent raise 
To him our prayeis and sovi'^.s «i 

4 Then, let our earthly 
Which us such blessii 
15e to our lasting welf 
And tit us for eternal 

HVMX 150, (4-6^ 

I Ye Saints, awake yc 

And joyful horaag 

In prayers and song 

On this sweet Sab 

To Zion's Kinj^, who ow 

, y> «■ '. • — ' 

lugh endless years to live and reign. 


4 This sacred day we'll own, 

And meet wiih one accord ; 

We'll bow before Ihe throne 

Of Christ, our risen Lord; 

Thai we by him may all be blest, 

On thi= dear, sacred dayof rest. 

1 'Tis good, O Lord, to meet 
This day, to pray and sing 
With Saints, and worship at thy led; 
And grateful off'rings bring. 

z 'Tis sweet, al dawn of day, 
Thy love and grace to tell j 
'Tis well, at eve, to sing and prar, 
And on this theme to dwell. 

J 'Tis sweetj thus to be blest; 
To join, with heart and voice, 
IVi'ili Saints on this blesl daj cA ^e^\. 
And worship and rejoice. 

HYMN 152. ( 

1 Heavenly hymns, with 

May Zion's children 
This day, in honor of t 
Dear Zion's glorious 

2 This day he hallowed 

And unto us has give; 
As type of that celestial 
Enjoyed by Saints in 

HYMN 153. (l. 

I Another wf^pl- '♦^^ 

*-« '-^ • • ' 


3 Draw near to him, your vows to p; 
And taste the erneat of that day 
Of rest, which for ihe Saints rem; 
When Christ on earth in triu 


HYMN 154. (7's & 5's D.) 

I When the spirit see1<s repose, 

With the pure and meek. 
Then 'tis sweet to see the close. 

Of the weary weel<. 
Yes, with joy we hai! the day, 

God haln owned and blest; 
When the Saints shall meet to pray, 

And from labor rest. 

z The Saints meet in praise and prayer, 
On this sacred day; 
Of their Father's blessings share. 

In the only way 
He has promised them to give, 

To his people here, 
'T'ls in faithfulness to live. 
And his word revere. 



2 I love, where none can see, to shed 

The joyful, grateful tear; 
And with my Heav'nly Father pleai 
Where none but him can hear. 

3 I love to thank him for the past, 

For blessings still in store ; 
And all my grief and sorrows cast 
Away, forever more. 

4 I love to hear his pleasant voice, 

Whispering, **C6me to me! " 
It makes my heart and soul rejoice. 
And Satan's power to flee. 

5 I love, by faith, to take a view 

Of heaven and things above; 
Their glory doth my strength renew, 
And fill my soul with love. 

6 I love to think, when life is o'er 

I shall be called away, 
And calm as this delightful hour. 
Pass on to endless dav. 

HYMN 157. (c. M.) 

'Tis sweet to go, at break of day. 
To some secluded place, 

And there to pass an houv awax. 
To seek my Father's face. 

3 'Tis sweet, at evening 

And leave my toil a 

To spend, alone, an h 

In humble, fervent i 

4 'Tis sweet to think of 

And future blessings 

And all my cares on ni 

Who knows my ev'n 

5 'Tis sweet, by faith, to 

Of glorious scenes at 

The Dlessing does my 5 

And fills my soul wit! 

6 'Tis sweet to think, \ 

I shall those glories s 
The foretaste fin^- '--• 

2 From my cares aod toils reliring, 

To my lone and oft retreal. 
With my heart and soul desiring 
My dear Savior there to meet. 

3 Feelitig, too, within, determined 

All my burden to leave there ; 

When my heart I have examined, 

Humbly bow myself in prayer. 

4 From the presence of my F'atUer, 

Light and glory fills my soul; 
Mercy, love and peace, together 
With his 5|iLrit, makes me whole. 

HYMN 159. (7's &6's.) 

I Go! in the cool of morning; 
Gol at the dining hour; 
Go! at the eve's returninj^; 
Go! when the spirits lowe 

HYMN l6o. 

' ^ f T'jP'^ce, there 
Ti, /^ oner up my prj 
The God of Jacot ^n 
Who go to worship 

2 A secret place! yes, u 
I oft have found my 
*^^Father there be7o 
When there I go to j 

•That pface is free fo 

There go to God withy 
And he will hear you 

■* ^ f^.'^.r^f P'ace I still sh 

= '■?« 

i desire that Crod haih "i 
;h faith m Jesus' name ; 
sacrea fire whhin; ihe leaven 
That gives lo love its tiame. 

3 Prayer is the voice the Spirit g 
That does so humbly plead 
With him who died, yet ever Hi 
For man to intercede. 

A'here Clirist halli led the way ; 
The path that all the Saints have irod, 
For all were taught to pray. 

o (he moLirner joy and \)ftw:,e, 
o the weary rest. 

• > l.\^ 

3 In love their wants at 

Through him who 
Who sutilered once fo 
And knows his dail3 

4 Come then, ye humbh 

And cast off every c 
Then soon the blessin< 
That's sought and 

HYMN 163. (; 

I Shield me, O my Fathe 
From the ^In*^"*'- -''' '' 

4 Crown me, O my Father, cro« 
Wiih thy pure and faithful o 
That, at last, ! may sit down 
In the kingdom of thy sons. 

HYMN 164. (C. M.) 

I Our Father, thou who art in heav'n 
We hallow thy great name, 
And ask our trespasses forgiv'n. 
As we forgive the same. 

3 Nor leave us in temptation's hour; 
From evil keep us, when, 
Thine is the kingdom and the pow'r 
The glory too. Amen. 

[ O Fallier, may ihy kingdom roUi I 
Until thy praise is sung 
Overall the earth, from pole tod 
With joy by ev'ry tongue. 

! As by thy children round thy thrti 

Thy just commands are done, 

Sii in;i5 (In law on earth be knowi 

i)h,ma\ thv |>o\v'i ;iiid lovt- div 
L.-cruarif, fiavc full c.ilt.ol ; 

'^ "'i"/e on",^ Savfor i- 

"^' "owned. 

HYMN l68. 

1 Like souls upon a di 

l^hose tongues an 

xir, ^^^^^'^g appetil 
Where cooling wa 

2 So thirsts my soul to 

And feel his Spirit 

To guide me through 

And bless each paj 


HYUN 169, (6-7 's.) 

t Father, let thy Spirit's tire 

My cold breast with love inspire. 
O, forgive me ev'ry sin, 
Purify my heart within, 
That in laith 1 may abide, 
When I am in all things tried. 

z While my mortal pow'ts decay, 
Be thou. Lord, my staff and stayj 
Grant me wisdom, love and light, 

Father, thou art love indeed; 
Wilt thou, then, my fears remove? 
■ May 1, too, from sin be freed. 
And my faith and love improve? 

3 And to thy great will resigned, 

Crying, "Lord, thy will be doiie\" 
Shsnns:, too, the heav'niy mind 
Of thy wen beloved Son. 

4 Father, Ibou art love indeed. 

Wilt Ihou, then, my failb re 

And receive ine home with s] 

When I've fought my 

through ? 

I With humble heart and voice 
To thee, O Lord, I pray. 
Thine aid to help me in my ch 
Thy, precepts to obey. 

I Help an unaided youth 

To walk with love and ciite 

In ail the ways of light and ft 

And fly from every snare. 

HYMN 172. (C. M.) 

aer, hear Ihy servant's prayer, 
lie I to thee draw nio;h: 
ou my waiting soul prepare, 
blessings from on high. 

not golden streams to flow 
)ng my earthly way; 
many scores of jears below, 
r long I would not stay. 

c not pleasure, powV nor fame, 
lat earthly things can give ; 
: no honor to my name 
lat Saints do not receive. 

'' =*u onH now'r 


]b6 1 

6 May they beco 

Like Joseph^ 

Whose brancl 

Whose Quml 


, Falheiinheav 



And real tliy 

: !■.,,< li momeni 
Tin in^cFlm 

\nilov>\ Mi.f 



HYMN 174. (C. M.) 

1 Consider all the sorrows, Lord, 

This sick one long has borne; 
Long has he waited for thy word 
To bid him cease to mourn. 

2 Though he may learn, 'tis good to feel, 

To bear his Father's rod. 

And share affliction, as a seal 

To bind his soul to God. 

3 Yet, he to thee, as thou hast said, 

Looks for thy healing aid. 
While oil is poured upon his head. 
And hands upon him laid, 

4 That all his pains may quickly flee, 

And he to health restored. 
According to his faith in thee. 
As he hath oft jmplored. 

HYMN 175. (8'S & 4's.) 

I O Father, wilt thou now draw near. 
In this sad hour. 

z When oil upon his head is poured, 
With hands lo seaL 
Tlie sure fulfilment of ihy word, 
Thai thou would'si heal. 

3 O, let thy Spirii's jjuick'ning fiame 
His fnilh inspire; 
And quickly cleanse his sinkin; 
Like burning tire. 

} That llirounh ihy love he : 


Thj- name to praitie, 

And labor in the Gospel field 

Throu;;h all his days. 



2 Oh ! hear tbe supplication, 

That unto thee we raise ; 
Accept our adoralion 

Ana songs of sacred praise. 

3 May we, in faith, grow firmer; 

More willing to obey; 
Less liable to murmur 
At what our leaders say, 

4 O, guide us by thy Spirit, 

To shun the path of strife; 
May all at last ioberit 
The gift— eternal life. 

1 Thy bountiful hand, dearest Lord, 

In fasting and prayer, me will own. 

While met lo converse on thy word. 

And all our wants to make known. 

2 In pray'r and in fasting we bring, 

Oursongs and heart's wishes to thee ; 

O, hearken, dear Lord, while we sing. 

That blest from ihy hand we may be. 


And through thy sweet Spit 

When trouble or danger is n 



lncn»»u l„[i,Mi„saiul|,ra 

llviiN .,S. 11.. ,M 



3 In union and love raise your song, 

His goodness and mercy proclaim ; 
His praise in sweet anthems prolong, 
In honor and love to his name, 

4 His mercy and truth shall endure ; 

Then lift up your heads and rejoice. 
His kindness and love, too, is sure, 
To all who are sons of his choice. 


HYMN 179. (7's.) 

1 When the light of day is past; 
When the evening shades are cast; 
When our cares we have laid by; 
When in prayer we lift our cry; 

2 Then do thou, our Father, hear; 
Then wilt thou to us draw ne^r*, 
Then thy holy name we^W px?iA?>t.> 

Then and ever, throug^Vi owt ^•^c^3^- 

[ Once more from slumber swet 

We hail the dawning day; 

Once more, with joyful eyes, 

The sun wilh smiling ray. 


2 And now, with pure delight, 

We praise the Lord, woo kepi 
And safe preserved us throuKh the 

V hf slill ufTot.l 

n;U Ihe i\ 
\>y holy >i 


2 Yet, slill thy tender care 

Has been our constant guide, 

And kept us safe from ev'ry snare. 

And all our wants supplied. 

3 Our joyful songs come short 

Thy goodness to declare, 
Or tellliow merciful thou art, 
To those who seek thy care. 

4 Lord, while our eyes we close, 

Wilt thou our guardian be ; 
To keep us safe from all our foes, 
From ev'ry danger free? 

I Another dav has Kone; 
And swiftly has it Hed. 
How time is hast'ning us along, 
' To mingle with the dead ! 


: In life we go to rest, ■^B 

All emblem of the srave. ^ 
Il<-ttf, may we ever be possessed 
I 'f (Jcispel pow'r lo save. 

1 1), may we not be harmed, 
liiH on the Lord be slaved; 
Ni. cause in Hfe lo be alarmed, 
Nor vet in death dismayed- 

irvMN J83, (7'5&6'8.> 
thte urn Hea\ niN I 

Ihai t^'n Kill ni 1 

-Maj- ftdni OLir minds 1; 

; We would be meek and 
Aii.i cvtT watch and |. 
Whh liandsauilheaitAi 
ii this and i;\'~i 


That we may safe inherit 
Thy love, with truth and peace, 

And worship thee in spirit, 
Our union to increase. 

HYMN 184. (8's & 7's.) 

O thou glorious King of Zion ! 

Ere we lay ourselves to rest, 
W^e would bow before thee, crying, 

Father, may we all be blest 
And preserved from snares around us, 

Till we see the morning light; 
That no enemy confound us, 

While we slumber through the night. 


Though the night be dark and dreary, 

Darkness doth before thee flee ; 
Filled with sorrow, worn and weary. 

We commend ourselves to thee. 
Hear us, then, in our affliction, 

Fill our hearts with joy and love; 
Ever grant us thy protection, 

Till we rest with thee above. 

HYMN 185. (c. M.) 

As evening shades approach us, now, 
O Lord, our hearts prepare, 


To round the sacred altai 
And orter up our praye- 

3 In Jesus' name, 0, lend 1 

While we our voices ra 

Thou wilt: for thou doa 

Our prayers and songs 

3 0, bless Ihy servani's fo5 

ills wives and children 

And llio-sewhoKciathis 

Ur come when lie shull 

4 (), mnvMclioucfullilhib 

Mav Iluih add love lill ev 
VVilh jo\ and periecl p 

; l")^ mav «e. Lord, lit «ht 

Anrl nil ill (-aitli and lovt: 

■['(. Iidli.w Ihec, iKir l,e 

HYMN 1 86. (8's &7's.) 

[ Father, source of joy and plea 

Cause our anxious fears to c 

May thy blessing, without mea 

Fill our hearts with joy and j 

2 Ever, Lord, may we be prayeri 

Each to each may we fulnl 
Ev'ry duty, and be careful 
To per^rm thy holy will. 

3 May our peace be like a river, 

Flowing onward evermore ; 
And thy love to us, forever, 
Like an ocean without shore. 

HYMN 187. (S. M.) 

1 Oh, thank the Lord, my soul 

His grace and love proclaii 

My house, and all that I con 

Shall praise his holy name. 

2 And those who won't abide 

The order I sustain, 
Shall quickly all be sel as\d< 

To enter not again. 

72 ^ 

) r,ood order, then, I'll keep, 
Nor wicked men employ, 
I. est evil spirits in s ho iiltf creep. 
And all my peace destroy. 

[ LiliL> Joshua of old, 
I bdhlly will record, 
Tim house and all I have or hold. 
Shall surely serve the Lord. 




Then with his love you shall be blest, 
And nothing shalfgo wrong, 

To keep you trom the day of rest, 
The Saints have sought so long, 

HYMN 189. (C. M.) 

' I'll love the Lord while here below, 
His blessings, love to share, 
Which on his Saints he does bestow. 
When met for praise and prayer. 

J love within my house to bow, 
With wives and children near, 

1*0 pay my morn and evening vow, 
Tnat they his name may fear. 

I love thy service, O my God. 

rU labor night and day 
To spread thy glorious work abroad, 

And teach mankind the way. 

^ love thy law, I love thy truth. 

Thy name I will adore ; 
^or I have loved thee from my youth, 

And shall for evermore. 

111 soOgs * 

r PRAYER. l( 

HYMN 191. (2.6's, 4, & 3-6's, 4.) 

,1 O thou Ihat hearest prayer. 
And all our sins did bear 

Upon the cross, 
Oh, wash our sins away! 
And keep us, day by day, 
That we may never stray, 

Nor sutler loss. 

2 When we lay down lo rest. 
Oh ! may we be possessed 

Of love and grace ; 
Andj when the morning sun 
His journey has begun, 
May we like him, loo, run 

Our daily race. 

3 I'd be like good old Paul, 
I'd tight and conquer all, 

And overcome; 
Like him, with love abound; 
Like htm, be faithful found ; 
Like him, receive a crown, 

When we go home. 



l.VM« ,92. fl..M.) 

h n anhood 


HVMN 193. (4-6'a & 2-8's.) 

1 Man's life is like a flow'r, 

Thai blossoms in (he morn ; 
It stays, peihaps, an hour. 
Is withered, then, and gone. 
Though man may feet from death 1 

Yet death may find him ere an hour. 

2 Life, too, is like the bow 

We see Us colors glow, 

And disappear again. 
So, swiftly, man doth run his race. 
And to another leaves his pliice. 

5 Yes, time is like a stream, 

That swiftly flows along; 

'Tis like an empty dream. 

Or chanting of a song; 

'Tis here a moment, then 'lis past; 

And man into his grave is cast. 

4 Then, if we do fulfil 

The counsel we receive, 
Anddoour Fallier's will, 
Though long or short we live. 

f rtiallera nSt; we^shall beb\esv. 

mansion t 

, Unismanin great commolioo } 
That will soon dnnk up life 5 5 

, Then, O man, bt .001. prepaji" 

' F °, your e-it f™ '''«•»"''' 

Ancl the blesaine to be sharing, 


-It -ill be your soul's salvation, 
* H the Lord you «il obey 1 
And a glorious exaltation 
In the worlds of endless da? 

HYMN igi- (I- ^'l 



t Vain is their boast of length of years, 
Their riches, honor, pride and fame ; 
For soon their glory disappears, 
And leaves them scarce on earth a 

3 They live in sin, awhile, and die, 

And nought's the abstract of their 

page ; 
They're nought in God's all-seeing eye, 
Though thousand years had been 

their age. 

4 Then, Father, in whose holy hand 

My life and all my blessings lie, 
Teach me to prize and understand. 
And use my moments as they tly, 

5 To crown my narrow span of life 

With virtue, love and righteous 
That I may shun the path of striffe, 
And share the glory that succeeds. 

HYMN 196. (c. M.) 

^ Oh, what a feeble piece is man ! 
How swift his moments Hy! 
To-day he executes his plan, 
To-morrow he must die. 




.', he lives in pomp and pride 
felling like the wave : 
lu-iiiurriiw, death his pomp will hide 
And sink him in the grave. 

He Ihiiiks not of his end, to-day, 
Xnr scarcely thinks of God; 

To-marrow iie is Ijorne away, 
And laid lieneath the siod. 

'I'li-ikiv, for earihiy good.'; lie toils, 

■ sniiUng face, to-dav, 
iiini: like tlie rose; 
■, ht's a lump of cla\ , 
li.- -heel his clothts. 


O, that to-day he'd seek the Lord, 
And strive for peace and heav'n; 

To-morrow death may him record, 
Too late to be forgiv'n. 


HYMN 197. (S. M.) 

When sickness hath o 
house of I 
look beyi 
And long to be away. 

sing o'er the past. 

Atid know that death is gain. 

'Tis joy to know my name 

Is in life's book set down ; 
'Th sweet, ivilh confidence, \0 'iXivKv 
Eternal life, my crown. 

4 If ihus ihe stream ia sweet, 
What will the fountain yield 
When all my work shall be compleK 
And I am crowned and sealed? 

; Then let me wiug my flight 
From eanhly pain and care, 
And leave this vale of death and nighi 
Elernal life to share. 

(• ThL 

n, Lurd, ic 

tliv con 


life and al 




I 1' 


will bi 

cm harm, 

And nil nl 



in upon 

hiac arm. 

And ;ill ll 

■ Inw.s a 


2 T 

Or iin;i, w 

u can 1 
mm i.irL 



4 O may my lillle flock 

Be saved from harm and strife ; 
And safely build upon the Rock, 
To gain eternal life. 

; Be thou a constant friend. 
To them, as well as me. 
O guide us to our journey's end, 

And take us home t< 

O thou source of ev'ry blessing. 
Let Ihy Spirit cheer my heart; 

Lei me slill, in faith progressing. 
Feel my maladies depart. 

Long have been mv years of sickness, 

Now, O Father, hear my cryins;. 
Let my prayer thine ear arrest; 

Heal my weakness, soothe my sighing. 
Let me, Lord, with health be olest. 

I repine not at thy pleasure, 

Thou art holy, wise and iust-. 
Thou ^n all my hope and WeasviLte, 
And in (hee is all my trusl. 

I would never murm^H 
- shun tliv holy will : ^H 
tion feel (he tiMDen ^H 
dure and suffer still, ^U 

5 To ihi 

Never shun lliv holy will 
In affliction feel tiie firmer 
To endure and suffer still. 



; llieei-s sii 
Tli> peace, love and favor to j;; 


who will 1 

: in thin 

ThL'ir HSme and good iv 
And keep tliem in safety fr^ 


HYHN 20I. (C. H.) 

1 The Lord, Jehovah, reigns above, 

His pow'r is all divine; 
He has a riEht to claim my love, 
ADd all that e'er was mine. 

2 He is my God, he gives me all 

Of which 'I am possessed; 

And, in his mercy, may recall 

Whatever he tfcinks best. 

3 He is ray Father and my friend, 

I glory in his name; 
His love and mercy without end. 
Will ever be the same. 

+ And now, my Father, thou dost know 
My all 1 0ve to thee; 
The same again Ihou wilt bestow. 
With thousand fold, to me. 

1 Lord, my all is in ihy hand, 
I submit to thy command; 
To (hj- purpose I resign; 
Thou shah govern me an'im\T\%. 

2 All lliv counsels T r 

SlriviiJElo perfonn thy will. 

1 Though my lot should humble h 
Happiness I find in thee; 
Frnm my anxious caies am freed 
And provided for, indeed. 

4 Thus lo fi-i-1 m 
To the Lord, ii 
Slioiii-in fnilh 
Fillip mv soin w 



th l;i 

and mind, 
vill siiljiliiec 





.t fi, 0.) 




r, Ipn 

d thine ear. 
il grief api 



3 .0 Lord, thy love has not declined ; 
No time can change thy heav'nly mind, 

Though endless are ihy years. 
A thousand years, where mortals be, 
Is but a day, O Lord, with thee. 

In Kolob's mighty spheres. 

4 Though broken, yet, my lays, O Lord, 
I with delight and truth record 

The bounties of thy love, 
Until arrives the joyful day 
When I shall leave this mortal clay, 

To sing with Saints above. 

< Father, when shall I again 

Come home with rejoicing and love? 
When shall I permission obtain 
Tojoin with my kindred above? 

2 With sorrow and sickness I sigh, 

A stranger and pilgrim I roam; 

And long for the day to draw nigh. 

When 1 shall return to my home. 

3 While filling my mission below, 

O may I from evil refrain ; 
The will of my Father to know, 
And wisdom and honor obtain. 

3 h tnen, with m)- bre 

O'er kingdoms of , 

bhall reign with affec 

And crowned with 

HYMN 205. (c 

1 And must I part, thoi 

With all I have, for 

it IS but right, since tl 
A nobler work for n 

2 ^yj(>^s would be like 

Mv sin my guilt am 

^xr- V"?^^"^^ ^"d for 
With honor, pow'r a 

^ ^^,i.^ternal lives obtai 

HYMN 206, (S. M.) 

My God, I would resign 

Myself and all to thee; 
And I be thine, and thou be mine, 

For Ihou art all to me. 

O may I alwaj-s know 

Thy pi;rpose to fulfil; 
In thee rejoice with heart and voice. 

And do ihy holy will. 

Now may thy loving eye 
Look down on me with care, 

And when ! cry, wilt thou draw nigh, 
To answer ev'ry prayer. 

will thou be my stay, 
To keep me ia the road, 

By night and day, throughout the way 
That leads to thine abode? 

When 1 my breath resign. 
And leave this world of strife, 

May thou be mine, and I be thine, 
To share eternal life. 

HVMN 207. (s. M.) 

1 Jesus, my only guide, 

For bfes,i„i 1 
^s iong as Jifp 

' ",™"eI.ort; 

I love the Lord with all my soul. 

He saves me from my foes; 
His laws shall all my life control, 

Whatever may oppose. 

[ love the Lord, and praise his nai 
For all his blei>siogs past; 

His holy cause shall be my theme 
As long as life shall last. 

HYMX 209. (C. M.) 

Dear Savior, how 1 love thy name 1 

Aloud its praise I will proclaim, 
In son^s that all may hear. 

Thou art the source ot all my joys, 

My hope, ray life, my trust; 
And crowns, compared, are triliilt;; 

1 I'll spread Ihine honors far and wide, 
Thy fame will ever sing; 
And when the earth in purified, 
O'er all thou Shalt be King. 

Tree. »»'?,J'?,, cfcangioe ■!«>"; „,. 

2 All the i"'."' „3 bubMl-B """'• 

This Bteat ««'■" ^ 

- In redemP^'o" ^ S j ^ i,gi,t, 



/hile foes are near, shall love de< 
Shall sorrow turn my feet astray? 

no! I cry in ev'ry ill, 

1 loved thee, Lord, and love thee 

2 Though brethren strive o'er me to 
Advantage, and to give me pain ; 
And often prove to be my foes. 
Piercing my heart with many woes 
I will forgive them in thy name. 
And ask thee, Lord, to do the sam 
I'd trust in thee in ev'ry ill. 

For thou hast loved, and lov'st me ; 

3 Though worn with sickness, pain 

Foreboding: ills, with doubts and fe 
Though grief and sorrow fill my s 
My Father doth my life control. 
He will return me joy and peace. 
And all my blessings will increase 
He'll keep me safe from ev'ry ill. 
For I have loved, and love him sti 

HYMN 212. (4-6's & 4-4's.) 

I How pleasant. Lord, to see 
Thv children all uniU, 
And love and works ag^tee. 
To do the things lV\a\?s xX^JcvX. 

'Tia like the sbow'rs ^| 

Of peaceful rain, ^M 

Thut clieers the flow-i^^H 

Od all the plain. '^| 

I Love is the chain of gold 

Thai binds the Saints at will, 

And makes of them one fold, 

On Zian's peaceful hill. 

Thv love impart, 

6 7A0JVS Kinr.\ 

It is the ijerm 

Whence pleasures sprin>;. 

HVMN 213. (3-8-sS:4, 0.) 

1 Gud of Zion, llmu ail love. 

Yes, thy great guodness oft doih pi 
Thou art its life. 

Thou wast the source of ev'rv gom 

UefOrelhis earU.'s fmindation siijiii 

Or sin was rifL'. 

1 , ■,■, _„.:..„.-,..,....,,,-, .;.,,..„ 

{ 'Twas love that laid the Gospel plan, 
To bring redemplion's light lo man, 

By stD beguiled. 
'Twas love that sent, with pitying eye. 
The Savior on the cross lo die. 

For man, detiled. 

I When Gospel light from earth had 

Sweet love again hath made it known, 
Througn Joseph Smith, 

Whom God hath sent, with Zion's 

To chase away the shades of night. 
As prophets saith. 

5 'Tis love, sweet love, that makes us 
It fills with peace and calms the breast 

When sorrows move. 
Then may our thoughts and actions 

To glorify our God and friend. 
For he is love. 

HYMN 214. ({ 

On /^ "7 ^a"hly rat 

On thy slumber dawn 

Life eternal thou h: 

2 Yes, dear mother, the 

Calmly did thy spiri 


When among the tn 

^ ^?^f^,V' ^^ "^y silent 
ThJ '".«,g''ave resign 

With the sanctified a 
4 Fare thee well; though 



1. 21i. (S. .».) 

Our dead we love now sleep, 
Where nothing can molest; 

Their eyes with tears no m 
So perfect is their rest. 

hey use< 
e deaf t. 

Their tongues and lips are still, 

And cannot move again ; 
Where once their kisses y^ve a thrill. 

There's nought butgiief and pain. 

But soon from out a cloud. 
That then will wrap the skies, . 

Will Michael call, both long and loud, 
And bid our dead arise. 

Their forms, divinely fair, 
Will leap tbrlh from the tomb, 

To meet their friends where'er thej 
All in immortal bloom. 

And bear us It 

2 Ho» ma,.y grief 
"""■om paj„ anc 

And share the bit 
Where earthly , 

3 Of, when he sees 

And weep i„ ,hj 

He hears their cr 

W'bere they shal 


rite battles of ih 

He sees iheii- .„■;. 

HYMN 217. (C. M.) 

Go mother, to thy long- sought rest; 

Go to thy peaceful home ; 
Go thou and mingle with the blest; 

Thy Father bids thee come. 

If life be not in length of days, 
Gray locks and furrowed brow. 

But living in the Father's ways, 
Few lived as long as thou. 

This earth has now one gem the less. 
And heaven must richer be; 

Then may we in thy footsteps press. 
And gain our rest with thee. 

Id that delightful land. 

HYMN 2i8. (4-7's, 4 & 7.) 

: When the hour of death shaJl come, 
Cold will be my mortal clay ; 
Then, my Father, lake me home ; 
Be my light along the way. 

Chase the darkness, 
Bring me to eternal day. 


! When I leave this mortal state,' ' 
And from earthly scenes retire, 
Bring me tbrough the heav'niygs 
Then attune anew my Ivre, 

And, triumphant, 
! will join the heav'nly choir. 

r Asleep in Christ? O happy sleei: 
For all who will his counsel keep. 
A blest retreat the Saints there gn 
From cares, from sorrow, toil nnd 

2 Asleep in Chri.-il? Ye Saints pre 
That such a.slce|) you all ma; si 
AtkI then, at lastt, may feel to sing 
Thiit death has lost its cruel sling 

;ep in Christ? No land too far, 
i rest or sleeping place lo bar; 
Afric's sands, or Iceland's snows, 
Saints slill And the same repose. 

;ep in Christ ? Though far away 
■n friends, or from their homes they 

Siiints can tind that blessed sleep, 
■n which none ever wake to weep. 

HVMN 22Q. (C. M. D.) 

lithful Saint I have stood by, 
'hile languishing in death ; 

e jielded up his breath, 
angnish in his peaceful heart, 

terror could I .see ; 

ugh Satan aimed his fatal dart, 

whispered in his partner's ear, 
hat he was going home, 
abor in another sphere, 
'here she must shortly come, 
h grief I heard liis partner sigh, 
hen rai.scd mv heart in prayer, 

1 God ivoirlii Iieitr the ciip\\an's t\"i, 
id sooilie the widow's care. 

208 DEATH. 

3 While I stood musing by his aide 

I looked on crowns of kings, 
On riches, vanity and pride, 

As light and worthless things, 
Compared with that eternal gain 

That's bv ilie Saints possessed, 
When Ihev their ijlorv shall oblaii 

tn mansions of the ble^I. 

His lialtle's fouiiht, the 
He's sone into his res 

: As bowed by sudden stc 

e'll heiir. 
I iiis|)i,-e 

i He labored with his might. 
The work of God to aid; 
In it he took supreme delight, 
While on the earth he staid. 

' His body in the ground 
la silence must remain, 
Til! Michael's trump, with joy fnl sound, 
Shall bring it back again. 

my sad heari. 

That parents here can know, 
To lay what they hold dearest 
Beneath the dust so low. 

i Itis the Lord that giveth; 

He takes away the same ; 
I know he ever liveth, 

And blessed be his name. 
It is in this world, only, 

Our hopes and comforts die; 
Then why should I feel lonely, 

Or heave the bitter sigh? 

No more wil 

No more be br 
In yonder W( 

' When in the lone: 


And I o'erfoofc th, 

^nrough which 

2 When I review th, 

and sorrows too 

Will to my sight' 

DEATH. 211 

HYMN 224. (C. M.) 

I lovely one, and hast thou gone. 
While in life's early bloom, 

.nd left me here to weep, forlorn, 
My loved one Id the tomb? 

lust I, in hfe, ne'er see thee more, 

Thou lovely one, so dear? 
[as death thee from my bosom tore. 

No more my heart to cheer? 

es; death hath chilled thy loving 

And thou art from me torn ; 

et we shall meet, no more to part. 

Where none are left to mourn. 

'hen will I cease my grief and woe. 

Nor let my heart repine ; 
'he lovely gem I've lost below 

Shall soon again be mine. 

hine on, thou lovely one, .so fair, 
In yonder worlds of light; 
soon shall come and meet thee there. 
And claim thee as my right. 

*y acie sorrow nev 
Of which mankinc 

2 There is a calm foi 
And for the weary, 
Away from which 



3 There is a home foi 
Where they are hea 
To which but few w 


HYMN 226. 

1 Yes ; to my cot cam 

Although I mourned, with tearful eyes, 
And kissed ihe drooping leaves, 

My Father sent from Paradise 
For flow'rs instead of sheaves. 

Soon they will bloom in fields of lighi, 
By him transplanted there; 

And when I walk those fields, In while, 
Those flow'rs shall be my care. 

'Twas not in crueltv or mirth, 

The reaper did obey; 
He, like an angel sent to earth. 

Bore my sweet How'rs away. 

Though mothers give, with tears of 

The flow'rs that they most love, 
They shall receive them all again. 
In worlds of light above. 

Heaven is no distant planet. 

Past the bounds of time and space 
With a topless throne upon it. 

Where the Savior veils his face ; 

i^v'ry fear of ch 

3 When the silver cl 

And the veil is r 

If we have our Fai 

We shall pass to 

4 When our eyes shi 

We are in the wc 

For some friend un 

Ere farewell is sa 

5 As we pass from kii 

To the arms of th 

They, with open arr 

Welcome to the w 



HYMN 228. (l. M.) 

f To Kolob now my thoughts repair. 
Where God, my Father, reigns 

My heav'nly Mother, too, is there, 
And many kindred whom I love. 

z My Father sent me here below, 
A tabernacle to obtain. 
That I might good and evil know. 
And endless hves and glory gain. 

3. Oh, let me, then, return again! 

To see my parents, whom I love. 
And with my brethren live and reign, 
In worlds where once I lived above. 

. HYMN Z29. {8's & 7's. p.) 

L God is my Father, whom I fear. 
To him my vows are plighted ; 
A biding place when foes are near, 
From wnieh I'll not be' frighted. 

MM ll\,Lx 

And all things look d 
To him my soul for ref 
And always finds a b 

4 When I, in faith, to hii 
In sorrow, tell my st 
He for my rescue does 
And fills my soul wi 

5. Then when, for me, 
My Heav'nly Fathei 
I'll go again with him 
Where once I had a 


Health, and ev'ry needful blessing, 
Wilt thou send us from above. 

Still in works and faith progressing 
May we share thy boundless love, 

I We thy name, with praise extolling, 

Thank thee for thy mercies past. 
Help us magnify our calling, 

In thy kingdom to the last. 
Then to thee, our Heav'nly Father, 

We'll come home lo worlds above, 
With thy chiMren all together. 

Where we once enjoyed thy love. 

I. Once our Father was like us. 
Id a world of toil and pain; 
And in tribulation, thus, 
Did his exaltation gain. 

3 In a city paved with g:old, 
Shining with celestial light. 
Him, in fove, we did behold, 
And rejoiced with great delight. 

3 By the blissful fountains there, 

We once knew each parent's face ; 
We received our Mother's care. 
And our Father's love and grace. 


4 Now they've sent us here to school, 

In this world of toil and pain, 
That we mayi like them, by rule, 
Endless exaltation gam. 

5 Here, if faithful we remain, 

'Till our exit day arrives, 
We'll return to them again. 
Crowned, like them, with endless 

]iVMS 232. (L.rii.D.) 
i 0, Father, hear thy .servants cry, 
And in ihv mercv now draw nigh, 
Thv servants liless with Inve » 

That juv in us may find a place. 
We feelscid weakness reign within, 
A feelde mind, and prone to sin. 
Oft .Salan l.iy.s for us his Snare, 
And sDmetinies takes us unaware. 

; Lord, ihou art holy, just and wise. 
Ami knowest where our weakne.-^ 

HYMN 233. (8's & 7's.) 

Holy Spirit, source of gladness, . 

Peace, love, virtue, and delight. 
Pierce the clouds of gloomy sadness, 

Fill our souls with heav'nly light. 

Reign within us, while we wander 
In this world of grief and tears. 

When we're done. Oh, lead us yonder! 
To the glorious heav'nly spheres. 

When was laid this earth's foundation, 
We did shout and loud Vejoice, 

Here, to gain our exahation, 
We agreed to come, by choice. 

Here, God sent us for our schoohag. 
With Ihe good to conquer strife. 

Well to learn the art of ruhng. 
And obtain eternal life. 

If we faithful till our mission, 
We shall do as God has done, 

For he gives this (jreat commission 
Unto evVy faithful son. 

HVMN 334. (4-6's 1 



No earthly ties can fiod, 

But have their earthly ends. 
Were this vain world our only rest 
In life or death, none could be bles 

3 But, OhI there is a clime 

That's unapproachedby death. 

!?'''"' ""■"''\';°i;!B.ove 

W , : 1. J.., ■!, frk-nds will ! 

? Theriyhloousilu'rc-. :ilone. 

KrL.iov dill' ■■■■■-M -if l.i'.w 

Ai.d:ill ■. ■ 
i'reijai-iii- ■ ;iu->ids. 


HVHN 235. [C. M.) 

I Like souls upon a dreary waste, 

Whose tongues are dried with thirst, 
And longing appetites to tasle. 
Whence cooling waters burst, 

1 So thirsts our souls to know our God, 
And feel his Spirit, pure. 
To guide us through life's desert road. 
And endless lives secure. 

4 Then, Father, grant thy love and 
That we may faithful prove, 
And see again thy glorious face, 
In worlds of light and love. 

n X ivi i> 

1 Go swift ye heralds, has 

Unto the nations spec 

And spread abroad the ( 

That darkness may re 

2 Cause truth and love to i 

In eve'ry Gentile land 

That men mav meet and 

Where heathen tempi 

3 Now, long has been 

Without a twinkling i 
Then let them see the c 
That ushers in the da 

A The time'sathand, by 1 

That righteousness may soon a 
Fulfilling Daniel's words; 

And thai will make an end of si 
Then earth will be the Lord's, 

HYMN 237. (s. M.) 

To all the earth go teach his word ; 
May peace attend your way. 

The Lord to you hath said, 

His iove he would bestow, 
And guide you by his Spirit's aid 

In all your work below. 

Now we lo God will pray 
That you may have success] 

That he will guide you, night and day. 
And all your labors bless. 

O Father, condescend 
To listen lo mv pray'r, 

While I my brethren noi 
To thy parental care. 

3 Lord, in templaiion's hour 

Be ihou tlieir only stay, 

And keep them safe from 

That seeks to lead astra 

4 While absent from (heir fr 

And wives and children 

Do thou some guardian an, 

Their lonely hours to chi 

ir drops gently How, 
s cause may greater 
my boKom glow. 

to the torrid ? 

not Zion's cau 
Gentile lands i 

e 10 rollj 
rither pole, 

s, let us sing ourjoynii songs, 
d praise our Father's naine; 
iweet employment for our longu 
i goodness 10 proclaim. 

as by revelation called, 

d sent us far away, 

reaeb bis Gospel to ibe world, 

liere men in darkness lay. 

Uur teet from every 

And, when by failh or 

He answered every 

HVMN 241. (( 

1 Zion, let thy glorious I 

Shine where heathei 
Cliase away the shade 

From their dark. ben 
May ihey, Lord, thy ti 
And (heir idols cast av 

2 Father, send thy Spiri 

That with truth it m; 
With success thy serv; 

In the preaching of ( 
That the healhen may 


HYMN 342. (C. M.) 

1 Farewell, niy dear and loving friend, 

The partner of my youth ; 

I am resolved my life to spend 

In teaching men the truth. 

2 I eo in other climes to rove, 

My babes with thee I leave, 

The tokens of our constant love. 

Thy care let ihem receive. 

3 Farewell, niy parents, brethren, too, 

And sisters, one and all: 
The Lord has bid me now, go to, 
And on the wicked call. 

4 I feel the Spirit in me burn. 

Like fire within my bones; 

And wo is me, if 1 should turn 

From its whispering tones. 

' I am resolved my feet shall tread 
In places where I'm sent; 
The way of life and truth I'll spread, 
And call men to repent. 

1 ['"alliei, pity healhen i 

iiion's lif;hi on them 

Hid her heralds talte t 

In their midst, with 

2 May they quickly be c 

From the error of tl 

And their temples be ( 

To Jehovah's sacrei 

3 Now we claim the sac^ 

That thy holy word 

Never lake the blessin 

Till the eanh shall 1; 

2 Farewelt, thou partner of my youth, 

To foreign lands I'm sent, 
To preach to men the Gospel truth, 
And call them to repent. 

3 Farewell, my brethren, one and all; 

My sisters, too, so dear: 
I now obey my Father's call, 
And leave you without fear. 

4 Farewell to Brigham, Heber, too, 

And all the Saints that dwell 
In Ephraim's vales, whose faith is lJii< 
To each and all, farewell. 

5 Farewell to Deseret, the home 

Of Saints so brave and tree ; 

The ship is tossing on the foam, 

To bear me far from thee. 

HVMN 24;. (C. SI.) 

2 Farewell, my wife and children, i 

And father's house so dear; 

To Gentile isles I now must go, 

Faith's standard there 10 rear. 

4 Farewell to nai 

That home 3i 

For love more s 

To him thai h 

5 Farewell to all, 

The tear-drop 
The cause of Z\ 

6 With gratitude r 

That Zior'sca 

Farewell to all tl 

That live Id Ei 

i O thou Eternal Father, 

By tbine Almighty arm. 
In safely wilt thou keep them. 

Secure from ev'ry harm. 
O be thy presence with them. 

Wherever they shall roam, 
And, when their work is ended, 

O bring them safely home. 

HVMN 247. (8's &7's.) 

I Go, ye messengers of Zioti, 

To a people plunged in night; 

Go, like angels sent from heaven; 
Spread before them Zlon's light. 

<Jo among the heathen nations. 
Shed abroad the light of day; 

Till the gloom tliat now surrounds 

Shall be driven far away. 

Go and bid the hardy warrior 
Cease his bloodshed, war, and strife. 

Go and teil the wajworn pilgrim 
To forsake' his foohsh Qteam, 

And with (hosewho're faintan'i'CtiwWi 

Drink from Zion's living sWeam. 

' '-o. my son, and peac 

pj^^^i-eople clothed 

Cod ana angels will b 

Vvli'le you spread bi 

2 Go! and nothing shai 


f i,each (Be trulh, ant 
Soon shall blossom I 


I He once endured ihe cross for me, 
And fear and shame despised ; 
Oh! then, ashamed I'll never be, 
Like him lo be baptized. 

3 Jesus [he great example led, 
In Jordan, with deh^ht; 
Then for myself and for my dead 
1 will perform the rile. 

' That 'live and dead may share 
The holy Priesthood, and be seali 
A crown of life lo wear. 

5 And now, with Joseph, is made j 
With Priesthood as before; 
For propheis have declared (iod « 
All ancient rites restore. 

3 To build here, on this hoi; 

A Jiabitation for the Loi 

A temple, with a sacred fo 

Where Priesthood rites 

3 Here all the Saints may so 

The sacred rites of heav 

And be haptiied for all the 

Thai they may tor the L< 

That all (he Saints can saviors 

Of all their dead, who ne'er i 

Nor hear ihe Gospel word. 

3 This sacred r 

; Paul hath told, 
" s of old, 

Was practised by the bain 

Ana by ihe Lord was given; 
For he respect to none will show, 
Bui gives them all a chance lo know. 
And share the light of heav'n. 

3 When Jesus to the grave was sent. 
His spirit to the prison went; 

He preached ihe Gospel there. 
That all the dead, who would believe. 
By earthly proxies might receive, 

And all the blessings share. 

4 So all the martyred Saints, we know, 
Like Jesus, to the prison go, 

And preach the Gospel light; 
That all our deiid who now are there 
Bv us, their proxies, too may share. 

In ev'ry Gospel rile, 

5 And be redeemed and raised above. 
To mansions pure, of light and love, 

And crowned with ^'lory, too. 
. Then, O ye Saints, who love your dead. 
Arise, and labor in their stead, 
That they may reign with you. 

■ ainers lo their 

That the children. 

Father's coiinse 

:! Saviors, too, on Zl 

Now have come. 

To perform their F 

By redemption o 

3 Through the Priest 

God nath shown 

How the dead may 

And its joyful irul 

The glorious Gospel light has shone 

In ihis the latler day. 
With such intelligence, that none 

Need doubt nor turn away. 

Kor many truths which iiave been 

And kept from mortal ear. 
The Lord has to his Saints revealed. 

Through Joseph Smith, the Seer. 

As Christ to spirits went to preach, 

Who had in prison laid, 
So, many Saints have gone to teach 

The Gospel for their aid. 

, Now we, for them, can be baptized. 
For all our friends, so dear; 
Thai thev can with the just be raised, 
When Michael's trump they hear. 

Tk'*" )°<ir dead i 
' "e Gospel and 

« Then lei us rise an 

For Ih "' '"' "»« 


"'-"•t 2S4. (8'; 

' "t" ""olker, Hon , 
Ve no, ,„ J 

"■il ",»" "• eone: 
"y loved oSe, , ii 

s 'Twas hard lo , 

eld t 


Go, teach them, then, the Gospel light. 
And show them all its treasure ; 

And, for them, ev'ry sacred rite 
We will perforin with pleasure. 

eveal the i 

lames of all our dead. 

That we r 

nay not be hindered; 

hen in our 

work we'll go ahead, 
s of our kindred. 

As savior; 

Forin the house, where rests the cloud, 
When built by God's direction. 

We trust to see thee in the crowd, 
That's passed the r 

HYMN 255. {4-6's & 4-4's.) 

1 O God of worlds above, 

Thy faithfulness we know ; 
How constant is thy love, 
To all thy Sainis below. 
We now are blest. 

Who love thee still, 
And dee for rest 
To Zion's hill. 

2 How pleasant 'tis to go 

• Where thou appoint'st to hear; 
To meet willi those below. 
Who thy great name do fear. 



;e there- 

In thv house 

u Clnist 


S- WARf ■' 

3 Thy love and grace imparl, 
To cheer my fainting heart, 

And be my guide; 
My darkness turn lo day. 
Wipe all my tears away, 
And may 1 never stray, 

Nor turn aside. 

3 My faith and love increase. 
And give me joy and peace, 

Tilflife is o'er; 
For thou hast suiTered pain, 
That 1 might life obtain, 
And in thy kingdom reign, 

For ever more. 

4 And when my life shall end, 
Still be my guardian friend, 

And take me home. 
Into the mansion, where 
I shall the glory share, 
Thou dosi for (hem prepare, 


aldiers of the cross, arise, 

In true faiih and works be one; 

;ek the wisdom God supplies. 
Through the mercy of his Son, 

3 Then, in wisdom' 

Walcli and iigh 

Tread the powers 

Win the field aJ 

4 For your race wil. 

And your warfa 

Crown be gained ; 

Life be yours fo 


Think not yourselves secure. 
Nor lay your armor down ; 

Your warfare never will be o'er, 
Until you gain (he crown. 


HYMN 2S9- (S. M.) 

ie knows how frail we are, 

How apt to £0 astray; 
'hen may we, Lord, thy Spirit share, 

To guicle us in the way. 

Vilh humble hearts,' sincere, 

Obedient lo thy word, 
Ve to thy table now draw near, 

And own thee as our Lord. 

c As oft as we receive 
This emblem of thy lo 
May we remember thee : 
To meet with thee abo 

HYMN 260. (7 

1 While around this boar 
Mav we feel communioi 
May we, Lord, this day 
With the true and livinj 

-> Now this earthly bread 
^ And with each, in love 


HYMN 361. (S. H.) 

1 The Savior calls his fold, 

To meet with one accord, 
And eat and drink in love, and hold 
Communion with their Lord. 

2 This sacred bread and wine 

We eat and drink in faith. 
In union, with our head divine, 
We thus show forth his death, 

3 Then let our hearts be joined. 

Like Saints in former days; 

And love lill ev'ry soul and mind 

With songs of sacred praise. 


[ Vain is the world's alluring smile, 
It never can my heart beguile; 
Eor all its glittering dust, to me, 
Is like the bubbles on the sea. 


2 To know my God, my soul aspii 
To share his love, my heart des 
Yea, more than aU earth's gli 

Her gola, her gems, and all ber 

3 Then, Father, let rae share ihyl 
Send down thy Spirit from abo\ 
And give me wisdom, faith ant 
To ffuide my wandering footstep 

y work on earth is 

Called h.Mv 

Willj jilory 

NEW YEAR. 247 

.T ! want to dwell on Zion's hill, 

Where thou to man mak'st known thy 

I want to share thy love and grace, 
With Priesthood pow'r to see thy face. 

4 I want my lamp with oil supplied, 
When Christ shall ^ome to take his 

I want to be his welcome guest. 
And in his house forever Idlest, 

; I want my kingdom to increase. 
Nor through eternity to cease; 
I want the gift, celestial wives, 
Which brings the pow'r of endless 


[ O God, Ihov] hast preserved us throii;;h 
The year thai now has tied, 
And ushered in a year that's new, 
With blessings on our head. 


That lurks wiinm uui 
That while yeai 
We may of thee be bl 

4 Lord, let thy love, in ev' 
Of danger, grief or fe; 
Be felt in ev'ry heart, w 
To guide us through t 

HYMN 265. (6- 

Fatber, keep us througl 
Help us all ihy name tc 
Fill our hearts with lov 
For we would be wholl; 
Help us on thine arm t( 
And our hearts from fo 


Bless ua all, both c^d and young; 
Though we are of ev'ry tongue, 
Mav we all In love abound. 
And with each in peace be found; 
Hear the sound at last, •' Ye blest, 
Enter to your Father's rest." 


I1V]JIK 266. (C. M.) 

Eternal Father, condescend 
This humble house to own ; 

Now let thy Spirit here attend. 
And make ihy presence known. 

For he'^re w 
To learn 

we dedicate to thee; 
r labors, Lord, 
come ourselves to st 
ind know thy word. 

With wisaom in uicu y 

That they may ever be p( 

Of virtue, love and tru 

6 O let thy people here enj 

The blessinos of thy h 

And let no earthly foe ai 

Our peace in all the lai 

HYMN 267. (4-6'si 

I O King of Zion, nos 

Thyself to us mal< 

This humble house 

In dedication own 

And in it, Father, wilt tl 

That thou dost meet witl 


3 Here may our little ones, 

Be taught to seek thy face. 
And shine like polished stones, 
When they shall take our place. 
And be prepared thy cause to roll, 
In mighty pow'r, from pole to pole. 

4 Here may thy prophet's voice 

Be ever heard to sound, 
To make thy Saints rejoice, 

Through all the nations round; 
Till Zion's cause the nations own, 
And wickedness shall not be known. 

1 O King of Zion, while thy care 

Hath been our constant stay. 

Unto thy house we now repair. 

Our songs and vows to pay. 

2 We dedicate it (o thy praise, 

There let thy presence be; 
Where Saints may come and learn thy 

And how to walk with thee, 

3 Here may the stream, that e'er makes 

Thy city here below, 


3^2 nEDlCATION. ^ 

Revive Ihe sick and cheer ibe Bi 
Aod never cease to flow. 

4 Here may thy S 

jU The blessings 

■ ■ And all Iheir t 

^H To forward o 

aints, O Lord, e 
of thy laws, 


^S 5 Here may thy s 

rvants, O our C 
th power divine 

^lit ma\ shine. 

hljl s (1 I,.M!h. „.,u<„- 

slat- and near, 

'lEn Thkt'kin^sTnai 
.!■ AntI unto 7.\o 



269. tUM.l 

II 1 Thii.e eai, U F 
\mU AnLl lienrken 

ther, wilt llioii 1 
ooiir calls, 
LlessiiiKS send 

llill \.]W>L walls 

Here may our daughters and our sons 
Be taught thy wa^ to know ; 

That they may be like polished stones 
Within thy church below. 

Here may thy servants oft disclose 

To us, th^ ways and will j 
And here, like odors from the rose. 

May peace and love distill. 

Accept the vows and dry the tears 

Of all who in thee trust; 
And may each one who worships here 

Be numbered with the just. 

On the page of revelation. 
We the glorious promise see, 

That (he truth, to ev'ry nation, 
Shall, in latter days, be free. 

2 Truth must wade through oppoa! 

Though of freedom men may b 
And must combat superstition, 
Or its brilliancy is lost. 

3 Truth ia bold in speech and actii 

Faithful, too, and sure to test 
Honest souls, and slaves \o &cti 

Which fulfils life's mission be: 

:orn the prison, rack and rod 
ugh ihc world its yift refuses 
>eal,s aiiil leaves ih' even' 

I'niili i&IihL'aainraondjSlilnlnL' 
'\Innt;-t)' of thee.iill 

^p v:[io -iTrk-., ivi;h U'nnd (Icsi;!! 

TRUTH. 255 

Already's lost; with heart dissembling, 
He, at best, is but a slave. 

4 He must be like Paul when preaching, 

Fearless of each earthly roe; 
Nothing should prevent his teaching 
Ev'ry truth that man should know. 

5 Though he fall, through persecution, 

While in manhood, age, or youth, 
Soon the hand of retribution 
Shall avenge the cause of truth. 

HYMN 272. (4, 8, 4, & S-8's) 

1 For truth engage — 

The prize, the heavenly prize to win, 

In youth or age. 
O let the war at once begin ! 
Humble and low her treasure lies. 
And hard the fight to win the prize; 
Rich is the feast she spreads for all, 
Who at her board of dainties call. 

2 Truth has her foe, 
Though, like a diamond, oft is found 

In rubbish low, 
Or where the burning sands abound. 


Although her enemicB may boast — 
As capiains great of Error's host — 
The God of truth will ^ive it strength) 
To gain the glorious pri^e at length. 

3 Tlien who will dread 
To fight his way through scorn and 

And go ahead, 
Amonft the Saints to gain a nameP 
None will, but slaves to error's shrine; 
For those who seek the trulli shall shine, 
While war with error they mainlain. 
'I'lic heav'iily prize of truth to gain. 



2 Learn their language, preach unio 

Tell them they ate Joseph's seed. 
And the Lord will soon endow them 
With Iheir Father's pow'r, indeed; 

And from bondage 
They shall soon again be freed. 

3 Teach them full and true submission 

To the servants God hath sent. 

To redeem them from transgression. 

When to counsel they consent; 

And their warfare 
With each other they repent. 

4 Then ihey shall become delightful. 

Pure and holy, iust and true ; 
To the Priesthood's heirship rightful, 
When their cov'nants they renew, 

And are ready 
All their Father's work to do. 

I As a tree lorn from ihe fountain, 
In (he valley gieen and fair, 
Moved and planted on a mountain, 
Without nourishment or tare. 



So the red map now is driren 
From his father's f^r^ve and 1 

While his heart, by anguish lit 
Has no hope for days lo com 

1 As the su 

nat ev 

e descendine 


a shadow o'er the pta 

Or, as ru 


mildew blendin 


a blieh 

upon the grai 

]io ihK red mM. 



cf Ills heuM it 

And in h 

(111 Living, 

KeiJ m 

wili be no mo 

J Ceii^L-, 

n tease VdLir I 


vii 10 yiili ( In 


HVMN 275. (8's &7's.) 

I Long the Lamanites have waiideied 
In their darkness, lilth and shame, 
While great men have often pondered, 
And enquired from whence they 

2 When the tight of revelation 

God, through Joseph, did unfold, 
it revealed to us the nation 
Whence they came in days old. 

3 Though the Gentiles have divided 

All this land, as if their own, 

And in war and bloodshed prided. 

And no mercy on them shown, 

4 Soon the Spirit of Jehovah 

Shall the sons of Jacob wake; 
Then their bondage shall be over; 
Then the Gentile powers shall quake. 

; Horror-struck, can peaceful Zion 
Then the dreadful scene behold? 
For they will be like a lion ; 

Treading down the shepherd's fold. 

8's. 7'«**1 

Lo! (lie yl'irious time of promise 
lias arrived, in laltei' day. 

When ibe scaliered sbeep at Joseph 
Shall ihe voice of truth obeyi, " " 

For their shepherd 
Soon will gallier ev'ry atraj, 

■ Ev'rv lost one that is honest -■'■ 
Shall lie gathered, younE and old. 
Soon to share the blessings promist 
By the LoJti in days of old; 

When Ihesbeplierd 
Kliall wiihjoy tHai^ 

whispers, sweetly. 

sof Joseph, wake! 

litf, and meekly 

ds voiir Father spniii 


kf of liondavie break, 


How blest is he who hears 
And feels another's pain; 

To whom affliciion's eye, in t 
Is never raised in vain. 

Another's wounds I 

And seeks to soothe the woes 

Of ev'ry child of grief. 
Whose liberal hand with bounty flows 

To give unasked relief. 

His treasures are laid up 

In heav'n, where none can kill, 

Nor motli, nor rust can ne'er corrupl. 
Nor thieves break through and steal. 

And he, a mansion there 
Shall lind, with pure delight. 

A crown of glory too shall wear. 
With Saints arrayed invihUt. 


I Let thy blessing', dearest Savior, 
Rest upon thy_ Saints to-day; 
Let thy holy Spirit's favor, 

Cheer our hearts without delav- 

lo ihte, O Lord, are 
Our wants and all o 
Ucept LIS, as tliini; ov 
And hearken to oiir 
With heavenlv loi 
Wilt ihovi 


Till Christ again, 

Shall come to leign. 

Among tl 
We may be owDcd and blest. 
Be numbered with thy sons. 
And with our wives. 

We dearly love, 
With endless lives 
Be crowned above. 

t The Lord, as my shepherd and king. 
Has taught me to walk in his ways. 
For which, by his help, I will sing 
A tfaoueand sweet songs to his praise. 

z He helps me to lean on his arm. 

His rod is my staff, shield and slay. 

He keeps me from danger and harm. 

Reclaims me, again, when I stray. 

3 His bounty my table halh spread; 

With blessings my cup halh run o'er; 
Anointing hath poured on my head; 
Oh! what can I ask of him more. 

HYMN 281. (8'S, 


1 Wake ! my muse, with 

Wake ! thy sacred laj 

Sing^the praise of Chri 

\Vho is Zion^s glorio' 

2 He is king of evVy nat 

Glorious in his work 

Sounded, more, in exa 

Be his everlasting pi 

3 O, the goodness of his 

Good beyond our hi< 
Yes, he died for ev'ry 
And to all salvation 





i Praise ye, then, his name forevi 

Let the hills of Zion ring, 

With hosannah to Ihe Savior, 

Wlio is Zions glorious king. 

1 My God, how lovely Is the place * 

Where with the Saints I meet, 
Wilhin thy house to seek thy face, 
And worship at thy feet. 

2 Among thy Saints on Zion's hill 

I. long have sought to he, 
Where 1 can learn and know thy wilt. 
And how to worship thee. 

3 Now thou hast all my wishes crowned, 

And answered this my prayer; 
Ves, through thy goodness 1 abound. 
And Zion's blessings share. 

4 Receive my thanks for blessings past. 

And help me to endure 
All things with patience, and at lafit 
Eternal lives secuie. 

In goodness placed it there. 

. There's not a cloud, whose mislTta' 
Descends upon the earlh, . 

To clothe^vith verdure hUl and pb- 
But Cod halh sent it forth. 

/ There's not a place in any sphere. 
In ocean, eailh or air, 
Hut what his wisdom dolh appear, 
In all ils Klory there. 

, \bove, below, on ev'ry side, 

!n all the rounds of space, , 

His power and goodoess far and wi 
Is seen in ev'ry place. 


When sickness makes me weak and 

With none to hear my sad complaint, 
In grief I quickly move my feet, 
To seek my closet's lone retreat. 

For there my Savior oft dolh shed 
The oil of gladness on my head ; 
Yes, ofl my joy is made complete, 
While in my closet's lone retreat. 

HYMN 285. (2-8's & 4, D.) 

Sweet charity is love indeed ; 

It succors those who ane in need; 

'Tis not afraid 
To bless the poor of ev'ry name, 
The sick and blind, the deaf and lame, 

By giving aid. 

Whene'er it finds a soul of grief. 
Is ready to aflord relief 

In ev'ry case; 
Is merciful, is kind, and true, 
Wilh joyful heart, and liberal too. 

And fuil of grace. 

To other's faults is ever blind, ' 
And no one's business will it mind 

^ iL Buners Jon^ without complai 
Its vows fulfiTs without retttraii 

And never fails. 
'Tis just and holy, pure and wi: 
And lust and envy does despis< 

And folly wails. 

5 If any one should wish to knoi 
From whence it came to man Ix 

'Twas from above; 
Its author is the God of beavei 
And by him was to mortals givi 
'Tis perfect love. 

HVHN 386. (3-S's & 6, D.' 


When sorrow, pain and grief are nigh, 
And pleasures from our bosoms fly, 
Sweel hope will then draw near, 
And tell of blessings vet to come. 
When pleasure shall surround our 

And sorrow disappear. 

Us mission is to cheer the Saint, 
And soothe the mourner's sad com- 

By its enlivening ray ; 
'Tis lo dispel the gloom of night, 
And pnint them lo the worlds of light, 

Where reigns eternal day. 

HVMN 287. (7's & 5's.) 

[ O how lovely is the sight, 

When thy people. Lord, 
In each other's peace delight. 

Both in deed and word. 
When each feels a brother's si{ 

And can bear a part 
With his brother, and supply 

Comfort to his heart. 

1 111 the work is done. 

HYMN z83. (4-6's & 3-8'fl 

I Jesus, mj source of joy, 

My hope in days to cone 

My trust when foes annoy, 

My light in darkest gloon 

Thou art my shield, my hope and 

My fortress, too, my strength am 

3 My comforter thou art, 
My ease in (oil and pain. 
A balm to soothe my heai^ 
Id loss thou art my gain. 

HYMN 289. (C. M.) 

1 Forgive me, Father, ali my wrong;:. 

And lengthen out my days, 
That ( may write a thousand songs 
In honor of thy praise. 

2 And may it be my sweel employ, 
a sine with joy 

3 Nor shall my tongue, alone, proclaim 

The goodness ofmy God; 
While hfe and active powers remain, 
ril spread his truth abroad. 

4 When mortal tongue shall cease to 

And pen shall cease 10 write, 

I'll sing in nobler strains above, 

With transport and deliglit. 

I How blest are they who know the 

And seek to do his will; 
Who by his prophets learn his word, 
And all his law fulfil. 

And makes their burden I 

His liresence diies uu all th 

And turns lo day tlieir ni^ 

4 Their knowledge, from li 

In living streams shall Ho 

Eternal as God's holy moun 

f-ierna! life shall know. 

I What though I have the gifl 
And prophesy and mystene; 
With faith to reach ihe woi 
Yl'1. 1 am nothing without io 

2 Ahhnii^'h tok-iid li 


J 292. (.-. 


Dlessed are thy children 
D live devoid of strife; 
leain and keep and teach tliy 

llihe'wailcsof life. 

ord dispels their rising: fears, 
makes their sorrows cease; 

pirit dries up all their tears, 
gives them joy and peace. 

ihall be blest with light divine, 
1 walk in wisdom's way; 
.fter death, they shall be thine, 
orlds of endless day. 

iveet lo sing tlod's praise I 

rshiphjin in latler days, 
feel his love divine. 




■ CUu hearts are filled with love, 
That on our pathway beams 
'Ti-s light celestial from above 
The dawn of glory seems. 


1 what a blessing, this 
Our Father dolh bestow ; 
Sweei foretaste of celestial hi 
To cheer his Saints below. 


4 Then, may we still increase 
In wisdom, faith and love, 
And from our Fatlier's wo 

Till we ascend above. 


J Wc ^oon OUT labors here 

Hh,illlini.sli with (leli!;ht; 

Then will, the heAvenlv Saint 

KjirnhL'd with ]-»ircsE"«'hitc. 


■■ III ii ■■■.ill. ilu r.TTi.sonlcd thl-UI 
-. .1^ :. ■ '.Mlhoneacrard, 
■■;■.' ..'■■, i , ,1 i-eleslial soni; 
"1,1 1.1 ,!-<> til the Lor.l. 


ii^MN ■g4- ('-■■ ">'.f 


1 \e^. Ifsiis siilki>;tlsh;,i.iuloi 


riv loss will be like giving dusi 
For honor, crowns and gold ; 

>r, like Ihe dying man from thirst, 
Supplied from fountains cold. 

f to the end 1 faithful prove, 
Then, Lord, remember me; 

"hat 1 may always share thy love. 
And ever be with thee. 

™n 295. (2-6's&4, 3-6's&4-) 

I Jesus, in thee I'm free, 
My faith looks up 10 thee, 

O hear my prayer. 
Will thou my guardian be, 
From danger keep me free, 
That I may ever tiee 

The fowler's snare. 

3 My faith and love ii 
And give me joy an 
Till life is o'er. 
For tliou hast suffer 
That I might life ob 
And in ihy kingdom 

Then, when my life 
Still be my guardian 

And take me ho 
Unto the mansions, 
I shall the glory shai 
Thou dost for them i 

That overcome. 


2 He succors and gives me sweet rest. 
In sickness relieves me from pain; 
My table with pkoiy has blest, 
And granted me wisdom and gain. 

^ Whene'er he sh^ll call me to rest, 
To join with my kindred above, 
And mingle my songs with the blesl, 
I'll sing that Jehovah is love. 

2 Should rolling waves, in any clime. 
On any counlr^ pour, 
His word could in a moment's time 
Contine them to the sbore. 

And all their fury dies 

5 He speaks, and planets, 

Are from their orbits h 

He speaks again, and in 

There comes another i 

And spread his fame a1 
Come, lift your pray'rs 

To him, the Lord your 


Affliction is 3 stormy deep. 

When sinking in its wave, 
And o'er my head its billows sweep, 

1 know the Lord will save. 

My hope anil trust in him is stayed; 

Why murmur at his rod? 
Id vain the waves roll o'er niy head, 

While he shall be my God. 

That I may share thy ^race. 

This earth, with all its golden store, 
When once deprived of thee, 

Would fill my soul with joy no more 
Than bubbles on the sea. 

All earthly things are trilling toys; 

Their pleasures soon depart, 
And leave within no lasting joys 

To cheer and soothe the neart. 

Though r possessed the thrones < 
And earth were wholly mine. 

My soul would scorn such 

Compared with truth divine. 

5 I inily crave my God to know, 
Anii share and feel his love; 
I'd win eternal lives below, 
Secured in world's above. 

my eyes, O God, to hi 
ly m*y stnsbeall lor-h 

it from tin' love 1 may 
H- iViim ili\ laws to stra 
vtr ready 'at tl>y call, 
iiiu liy iiij;ht or day. 

\\-.\\ to do thy will, 


In darkest night, 
And all moved lo the place 
Designed, where there was space 
And lormed the earth's great base, 

And gave i( light, 

2 Thou didst a people send, 
To o'er the eailh extend 

Their noble race. 
But thev did soon transgress, 
Which brought ihem to distress. 
By sin and wickedness, 

In ev'ry place. 

3 Thy Son thou then didst give. 
To die, thai they might live 

And share thy love; 
And, though they had transgressed. 
They mi§ht of thee be blest, 
Of mansions be possessed, 

In worlds above. 

4 Lord, now, In latter day. 
Thou dost again display 

The Gospel light. 
O send its joyful sound 
To all the nations round. 
From earih's remotest bound, 

Dispel the night. 

1 O Lord, in thee my tru 

f on ihy care depend 

O grant me. Ihen, thy ( 

And be my shield an 

2 No joys in earthly thinj 

Compared with faith 

Then may my love to t) 

For thou art all to mi 


HYMN 303. (S. M.) 

he Savior, our great bead. 
Who for us nobly died, 
o save and raise us from the dead. 
We never have denied. 

o him our joyful song 
With grateful hearts we'll raise; 
ur love and thanks to liim belong, 
With noblest songs of praise. 

rom all the Saints below, 
And all who dwell above, 
et joyful songs forever flow, 
From thankful hearts of love. 

es, God is my Father, and always 

does right; 
When hungry he feeds me, and gives 

'o live by his precepts shall be my 

For "he will relieve me when sick 
and distressed. 


2 My board, loo, witli plenty he alMV! 
ha.lli spread. 
With blessings and goodness my cup 
halh run o'er; 
Anoiuiing and Priesthood hath pound 
on my head, 
Is ready to give me when I sbill 

3 Thougli foes may beset mi 

Since Cod is my Fathei 

Mis rod Mill defend me, hi 

4 Tlien keep and pr 
ihrouiuli lite; 
With thanks I adore thee for 

when hi 
O Falllcr, 

O let chy Spirit, dearest Lord, 

Our pure devotion raise. 
While we have met to hear thy word, 

And worship in Ihy praise. 

HVMN 306. (c. M,) 

Our food and raiment, health and 

Thou, Father, dost bestow ; 
And ev'ry needful blessing sends, 

On all thy Saints below. 

Thou art our portion and our guide. 

Our Father anii our King; 
Thou dost for ev'ry soul provide, 

From man to creeping thing. 

For which we humbly bow the knee, 

To thank thy holy name; 
With joyful heitrts. as children, we ■ 

Thy goodness will proclaim. 

KVM.N 307 {6-7S.) 

r Thev mho seek their Father's f»C 
Tfiough ii be in foreign land. 
Find his lotfe in cv'ry place, 

For his blessings are at hand. 

All who seek in solemt) pra^CTi 

Find him present ev'rywiert. 

;s, in siLknesK and in IicalUi, 
[■'ritiullos, helpltss and alone, 

I sail povenv or wealth, 

llfivill malic his Uessiiigs knf 

HYMN 308. (L. M.) 

Go, ye suffering Saints of earlh, 
Conscious of your heav'nly birih, 
'Midst the storms thai round you foam, 
Trace your journey to your home. 

• What ihoueh storms around you rage, 
What, though earth and hell engage 
To deprive you of your rest. 
You ahatl not be dispossessed. 

J Though arrayed on ev'ry hand, 
All your foes around you stand ; 
They cannot your wilt control, 
Neitner can (hey harm your soul. 

\ Robed in innocence and love, 
Truth and wisdom from above; 
While this garb does you surround. 
Foes shall never you confound. 

Thy goodness, Lord, 1 will proclaim. 

And own thee as my God; 
I'll sing the glory of thy name. 

And spread thy truth abroad. 

2 In ev'ry period of my life 

Tbv lib'ral hand is near, 
To crown my head with blessings life, 
And make thy love appear. 

3 For all the s;ood thy hand bestaw.s, 

! humbly bow the knee ; 
Nor shall ihe ^iCt that from thee lio*s 
Remove my heart from thec 

ihM my heart, in deep distress, 
move from ihee, my God; 
Ml submission, learn lo bless 
cl own thy chast'ningrod. 


2 Lo! I ant with you in distress, 
When troubles rise and foes oppress, 
I'll not leave you in dismay; 

Lol I am with you all the way. 

3 Lo! I am with you to the end. 

You who on me for strength depend; 
1 always hear when you do pray. 
Lo! I am with you all (he way. 

4 O what a heavenly promise this! 
It tills my soul with joy and bliss. 

To think my Lord these words did say, 
Loi I am with you aU the way. 

5 I ever feel in him secure; 

1 know his promises are sure. 

I care not what the world may say. 

My Lord is with me all the way. 

6 If by his love and by his grace 

! shall secure 10 heaven a place, 
'Twill be my loy in endless day, 
That He has led me all the way. 

HYMN 311. (2-8's&6,D.) 

1 Alas! my days, how swift they fly! 
And yet, how unprepared am I, 

2 When the good way I first bej, 
I thought in wavs of truth I'd 

And pay the vows I'd made. 

Bui Oh! how far 1 have come short; 

li makes me tremble at the thoiif^ht 

That they're no better paid. 

:; When first I thought my sins lorsivi 
i low Lkar I saw tlie wav to heaven. 

I vowed the path Vi run; 
I lhuiii;h( 1 never could lose sight 
<>\ ihal ikar faith, vhicli shone 




May he in prison wail, 
Until his kingdom is destroyed, 
Which has the Saints so lonj-an^ioyed; 

Let light and love prevail. 

HYMN 312. (l. m.) 

Ves, many years have look their flight, 

Since my probation did begin; 
Through which I've sought, by day and 

To shun the paths of vice and sin. 

I sought my God while in my youtG, 
That I eternal life might gain; 

That I might find and know the truth, 
And favor from his hand obtain. 

When he to me that truth revealed. 
Through Joseph, his appointed seer, 

My soul its ]oy no more concealed. 
Because its light did shine so clear. 







te'er my future life may pro 
lean upon bis holy arm; 
rfromliiro Willi remove; 
'11 keep me safe from ev'ry 



3.3. (L. H.) 

[ Alas 

1 kn 

dear Lord, bow frail am 1 

w that 1 am born to die ; 


HYMN 314. (I.. M.) 

Father of all, sweet Zion's KinR, 

Thy wisdom who can comprehend? 
Thy glory, O what loneue can sing. 
Its heights to soar, its depths descend. 

What dark recess, what valley low. 
Can hide me from thy searching eyei 

The universe ihou dost control; 

Millions of worlds thine eyes ex- 
Thy being circumscribes the whole; 

All ciealures should thy name adyre. 

O thou who formed my mortal frame, 
And gave it life in ev'r^ part; 

Thy love lights up the living dame 
That fiows within my beating heart.. 

Thy love hath sent me here below. 

That I like thee may wisdom gain; 
All things like thee lo see and know. 

When 1 return to thee again. 

■ wViefe" _^^ q[ 

M>4 »" ' !,„« to pt»5; 

For their resorts 

More pleasure brings 
Than crowns of kings. 

Or earthly courts. 

3 Christ doth his people love. 
And no good can withhold ; 
But sends I hem from above 
Of blessings many fold. 
For ev'ry loss, 
Both great and small, 
Of wives and all: 
Bear ye the cross. 

3 He is our sun and shield. 

Our light, defence and slay; 
He arras us for the field. 
And keeps us in the way. 
He win be.stow 
On us and wives 

HYMN 317. (c. mO 

I I'll come to ihee, O God of love, 

And bid vain doubts to cease ; 

For thou wilt make my fears rem< 

And All my soul with peace. 



3 Since tht 

My Iho 
To thee, 

My Fat 

1 li. end. e 




HYMN 318. (C. M.) 

1 As strangers on the burcing plair 

Where springs no water give. 

Cry for a cooling shower of rain, 

That they may diink and live. 

2 So, Lord, to thee I lift my cry, 

For blessings from above; 
My thirsty spirit seeks supply 
From thv sweet fount of love. 

4 Not all the dainties earth can give 

Can satisfy my heart, ■ 
Or cause my fainting soul to live, 
Like what thou dost impart. 

5 Nor all the joys that life can yield, 

Can make thy love appear, 
Like those sweet truths thou hast ri 
Through Joseph Smilh, the Seer. 

6 Then, till my last expiring breath 

I'll praise sweet lion's King, 

; O King of Zion, now draw near, 
Accepi US as thiDe own, 
While in thj house we now app< 
And bow before iViy throne. 

2 O may our songs, like those abc 

In pure devoiion How, 
Uniil thy grace, with peace and I 
Crowns all thy Saints below. 

3 O let thy light and glory shine. 

And all our wills control; 
Till faith and love, with joy divii 
Fills every waiting soul. 


2 When earthly hopes and friends r 

Thou, Father, art the same ; 
I trust in thee and share thy love. 
And glory in ihy name. 

3 All earthly things are false and vain, 

Their pleasures quickly flee; 

No solid joys with me remain. 

But what are found in thee. 

4 Though earthly friends their vol 

should break. 
Some selfish end to gain. 
Thou, Father, wilt not me forsake, 
While endless worlds remain. 

HVMN 321. (C. M.) 

I O Lord, in childhood and in youth. 
Thou hast inspired my lays, 
Through Joseph taught me heaven 

2 So, now, through life I will proclaii 

With sacred hymns and songs, 

Sweet love and' praise to thy gre 

For praise to thee belongs. 

3 Be with me slill, by day and night, 

While hoary hairs dolh spring; 
Inspire my heart still to indite 
Sweet songs for h.11 to sing. 

4 May all who live in ev'ry ag 

And read my songs dfvini , 
Find sacred truth on ev'ry pags 
And love in ev'ry '" 

.Y^[N 322. (c. Jl.) 

ill iliee my fnilli finds sco|Je, 
ilea mv lhoiiL;li(s employ; 
my Ki'ory, lite ^nrt hope, 

combine, it" ihou'rl 


HVMN 323. (C. M.) 

I True faith and joy is never found 

On nature's barren soil; 

Until Itue love In us abound, 

This life is gri«f and toil. 

3 But when God's word we do obey, 
And from our sins are freed. 
The Comforter will guide our way, 
And give us joy indeed. 

3 Then soon he will our faiih increase, 

To look behind the veil. 
Our knowledge, then, can never cease, 
And love can never fail. 

4 Such joy and peace, with perfect love. 

Will sanctify the soul, 
And raise our thoughts and hopes 

This wicked world's control. 

I Hearken, Zion's sons and daughters, 
Ev'ry word of God obey; 
Drink from Zion's living walers. 
Keep (he straight ana narrow way. 

2 Slrive to live both pure and lio( 

Faithful be to watch and pru 

Shiiti thou ev'ry vice and follyTj 

Keeping in the narrow way. 

3 Zion's foes will strive to hariM yOUj 

And to cause your feet to stray; 
Satan, too, will seek to charm jou 

When is er 

ided voui* probalio 


o you will say. 

'■Come, i<:>. 

:eiVe voiir c>;altali( 

You have 

■ walked the narro 


Then Satan's power will have an end, 
And all in heav'nly union blend, 
With fathers, mothers, children, wives. 
And all be crowned with endless lives. 

With power lo wake from peaceful 
And gain their loved ones: why then 

HVM(< 326. (C. M.) 

The faithful Saint, without coniplaiiit. 

Is ready to go home; 
His father (here, with love and care, 

la beckoning him to come. 

"O come," says he, "I welcome thee, 
For faithful ihou hast been ; 

Thy crown receive, and never leave 
IT hy Father's house again." 

Death's door will close on all his foes, 


4 Then, O Uow sweet the fneniUy gtael 
Of loved ones goan before ; 
Wiih Jesus' love and kind approve. 
And kingdoms to rule o'er. 

Wiih Mm 
: 'Tis there 

oe that mortals share, 
jrrovv, pain and care, 
e and calm retreat. 
It the Master's feet. 

\Vilh'Mal-v. at'the'.Maj ' ■ 


5 God's blessings there to aW abound, 
And there always would be found; 
For there the holy ones do meet, 
With Mary, at the Master's feet. 

HYMN 328. {c. M.) 

1 O Lord, in thee I take delight; 

I on thy care depend ; 
Thou art my guide, by day and nighf, 
My great, eternal friend. 

2 When all my earthly helps have failed, 

Thy goodness was the same ; 
O'er alFmy foes 1 have prevailed. 
Through faith in thy great name. 

3 No good upon the earth is found, 

But whal. proceeds from thee; 
I shall with every need be crowned, 
While thou art friend to me. 

HVMN 329. {c. M.) 

I O Father, let me live to see 
The power of Satan brolce ; 
That Zion may be great, and free 
From ev'ry Gentile yoke. 

xu ^CL my pcupic ix^iii. 

When scattered Israel, free fror 
Shall gather and increase, 

The day of righteousness come i 
Through virtue, love and peac< 

When everything that's vile ant 
Can nowhere find a seat; 

And thou can'st find a glorious 
On earth, to set thy feet. 

HYMN 330. (8's.) 

1 Yes ; this is my object and aim, 
To build up the Zion of God, 

TT^r mitfcirvn nnri hnnnr nrorlairr 


The sick and afflicted to heal, 
To comfort and strengthen the weak ; 

And on the true faithful togseal 
The blessings he promised the meek. 

To be a kind father to all, 

By setting their feet in the way, 

And lifting up those who might fall, 
And bringing back all that may stray. 

Thai Zion in beauty may rise, 
Her light, love and glory to spread. 

And fill all her foes with surprise. 
To find that she stands at the head. 

I will rejoice in Christ, the Lord, 
Who makes my cause his own; 

My hojje is centered in his word, 
And cannot be o'erthrown. 

What though by enemies withstooc 

It gives me no alarm ; 
My life is hid with Christ in God, 

Beyond the pow'r of harm. 

Though they should still my way c 
My faith can never fail; 


,. „...„„„. ■ 

1 1 is an anchor lo mv soul, 
Made iast within the veil. 

4 As surelyas the Lord o'ercame 1 
The power of death and sin. 
So those who love his hoiy name, 
Eternal lives shall win. 

r O Lord, 1 will record thv deeds 
Of these Ihe latter >\a\s. 
That ev'ry age that still'succeedf 
May learn to sing thy prni,«e. 

?. For thou hast Zion's li.uhl reslori 
'I'hy kini;dom orsranized ; 
To all Ihe nations .■-enl thv word, 
And all the ivoild Mirprised. 


5 Saviors to ZioD now have come, 

To judge the human race; 
That Adam's seed may ealher hon 
And each one find his place. 

6 That all the dead may be restored. 

Who have thy love and care; 
That all that live may know the Lo 
And his salvation share. 

HYMN 333. (S, M.) 

[ Dear Savior, I am Ihine, 
The law of love to fill; 
I heart, and soul, and all resign 
Forever to thy will. 

2 To thee I ever cleave. 

Tjiough foes my way assail, 
To tempt me thy dear cause to lea' 
They never can prevail. 

J Thy Spirit does invite 
To thee, my living head, 
And fills my soul with love and llg 
The path of life to tread. 


With love and care for me a: 
No foe can make me fear, 

; When death sliall set rae fre 
From this abode of clay, 
Mv home shall ever be with the« 
Who led me all the way. 

„VMV 534- ('■. M.) 

When moi-niii^ comes with golden 

And i>i(ls the darkness llee, 
1 lifl mv heart in praver am\ praise, 
To tliff, my Cod to Ihee. 

■Vu thee, u 
i Wheiiduskv 


HYMN 33S. (L. M.) 

I 'Tis sweet, my God, to walk with thee, 
To know thou art a friend to me ; 
To learn thy laws, to watch and pray, 
And preach thy word by night and da; . 

3 'Tis sweet thy blessings thus to share, 
To know ihai thou dost.hear my pray'r. 
And all my daily needs supply, 

And keep me safe when foes are nigh. 

4 'Tis sweet to plead for Zion's cause ; 
To learn and understand her laws, 
And teach her children, night and day. 
To walk the straight and narrow way 

5 'Tis sweet to bless thy s. 
And teach them to obey thy word ; 
That in their works they may imiirovc 
Till Zion shall be li^ht and love. 

6 'Tis sweet, my God, to sing Ihy praise 
And in ihy service spend my days; 
To write sweet songs that all mav sinj; 
And learn to praibc their God. antfKinv 

r Am I an Ephraimite indeea. 
In whom no guile is found? 
Do I his cause, too, love and plead 
When foes are prowling round? 

2 Do I with firmness bear the cross, 

And wave its banner high? 
Have I no fear of shame or loss, 
When death looks sure and nigb 

3 Yes, Father, thou hast known me 

Through all the days of yore; 
And knowest that my labors tell 
Thy kingdom to restore. 

4 That 1 in truth have kept thy lav 

And labored with my might 
To forward Zion's holy cause, 
- ..,-o nnrl aelisfht. 


2 With Zion's cause, what can compare ; 

What laurels gained? What gems 
so bright? 
What kingdom or what crown may dare 
Compare with Zion's holy light? 

3 The sun may set and cease to shine, 

The planets in their course may fail, 
And all opposing pow'rs combine. 
Yet Zion s cause shall still prevail. 

4 O God, to Brigham then draw near, 

Clothe him with power and hght di- 
That Zion's sons may never fear, 

Should all the world in arms com- 

HYMN 338. (c. M.) 

1 Let men who seek the world, adore 

The God in whom they trust; 
Thy wisdom, Lord, delights me more 
Than all their shining dust. 

2 To know my God, and feel his love, 

More pleasure does uufold 
Than all the glitt'ringUa\us\)cva\\^QM^^ 
Though decked wUh ^^tcvs -axv^ ^^c^^. 

' ^<*f'^' "lay we ever knoi 

And feel that sacred 1 

Among ihy chosen Sain 

Thai's felt with Sainti 

2 How pleasant, then, to I 

And mingle all our pr 

And tell to each, in unio 

Our trials, fears and o 

3 To counsel for the best 

Our labors how to beai 
i flat none maj' feel hims- 

While he l)prfnrn,= Ki„ 


HYMN 340. (S. M.) 

[ How blest the children, Lord. 
Who seek the way that's right, 
And make the precepts of thy word 
Their study and delight. 

e laid up 
, where no decay, 
Nor moth, lior rust, shall e'er corrupt, 
Nor thieves can take away. 

3 Their works of love and faith, 
Remembered by the Lord, 
Are wiitien in the Book of life, 
To meet a sure reward. 

[ Yes, in the fertile mead. 

How fair the lilly grows. 
' How sweet a fragrance, too, is spread 

Where thrives the scented rose. 

2 Such is the child that prays. 
Whom virtue doth control; 
And seek.s to walk in «j\sdoTcC=. si-i.-j's... 
iVith 3JI itii heart and soa\. 

And lay us with the di 

5 O thou who lends us bre 

Do thou, by grace div' 

In childhood, manhood, 

f reserve and keep us 

6 That we at last may rest 

From all our toil a^l i 

morn of life, 
iiithfu! vigor 

whh all iT,e ; 


.re sorrow yet has found 
Its way into our heart, 
And cares, and toils, and all things 
Shall make our joys depart; 

Ere age comes creeping on, 

Or sickness we deplore, 
When all the joys of life are gone, 

And will return no more. 

By wisdom early sought. 

In age we shall be blest. 
Then let it be our early thought 

To seek eternal rest. 

HYMN 343. (l. M.) 

Yes, prayer is sweet in ev'ry hall. 
When Saints and kindred spirits 

On God the Father's name to call; 
The fervent prayer is always sweet. 

But he who fain would know how 

The soul's appeal to God may be, 
Should be with Saints amid the storm, 

While crossing o'er the foaming sea; 


2 O may no howling tempests rise, 

Through Satan, Prince of air; 
But wilt thou hear our fervent cries. 
And let the winds be fair. 

3 Yes, bring them safe to Zion's land, 

The land of peace and rest; 
Where they may live by thy command 
And be forever blest. 

HYMN 345. (8's & 7's.) 

1 Keep me, O my loving Savior, 

Though I am a little child; 
Grant me now thy heav'nly favor. 
That I may be good and mild. 

2 Help me, by thy Holy Spirit, 

Oit to leave each sinful play ; 
That I may thy love inherit, 
To direct me in thy way. 

HYMN 346. (C. M.) 

O now, dear Lord, since I am sick. 

Thy word I will obey, 
By calling on thine Elders, quick, 

That they may for me p^^.^, 

I And then anoint me, as from heaiW 
Thy word has been revealed; 

f That all my sins may be forgiv'n, 
And all my sickness healed. 

B3 Nqw Brant ihe blessing, Lord, to n 

My neallh and slrenglh restore;. 

rliat I from sickness may be fretVj 

( 347- (I" M-) 

s of night, 

All' cliililrp 
" An.i'^Sve ll 


HYMN 348. (S. M.) 

1 How blessed is the child, 

Who hears the warning voice • 
That wisdom gives, in accents mild, 
And makes her words his choice. 

3 Her treasures richer stores 
Tochildren will unfold. 
Than gems and silver mines, with 

Of boxes filled with gold, 

3 She learns the child and youth 

In virtue's path to tread, 
And crowns of knowledge, love and 
Will place upon their head. 

4 Then as their labors grow. 

Her rich rewards increase'. 
Until oa them she w\\\tes\w< 
Eternal lift and peaice. 

2 Zion's sons are meek and lowly; 

Zfon is ihe pure in heart; 
All the righteous, just and holy, 
1 n her blessings share a part. 

3 Zion, from the foTnace heated, 

Isarravedin heav'nly ligbt) h 
While her enemies, defeated, j^ 
Still are groping in the night. ^H 

4 Zion has been long afflicted, 4 

Persecuted and oppressed; 
By Ihe wicked world rejected. 
With no place in which to rest. 

5 Zion, should foes still beset thee. 

Slill obey Ihe LordK; 

lie halh sworn not to (orgel thee, 

Nor to leave thee in their hands 


Come, then, Zion's sons and daughters, 

Celebrate her jubilee, 
When the Saints, from Winter Quar- 

Entered Ephraim's valleys free. 

HYMN 350. (7*s.) 

Come, ye Saints, and sing and pray. 
While we celebrate the day; 
Swell your anthems, swell your songs. 
Praise unto our God belongs. 

When by mobs we are oppressed, 
Plundered, murdered and distressed, 
He with kind and lib'ral hand, 
Led us to this peaceful land. 

Here we will obey his word. 

Own him as our King and Lord ; 

Nor submit to mobs again. 

While the Lord, our King, shall reign. 

Then, O Lord, thy people bless ; 
Crown their labors with success ; 
All their sacred rights secure. 
While the sun and moon endure. 


B}' all the Saints upon (h 
Let praise to God be g 

Lei songs and hymns ot 
Be sung through eartt 

Eternal may our Father's 
Be sunff, from sphere I 

While heaven and tarth 

His gloifous name reve 


HYMN 353. (C. M. D.) 

O God, thou art the first and last; 

All things were formed by thee ; 
Thou art and wast in ages past, 

And evermore shall be. 
To ihee may songs and anthems raise. 

Ingratitude and love, 
Till all the Saints shall shout thy praise, 

In earth and heaven above. 

HYMN 354. (2-4's & 6, D.) 

Now to the Father and the Son, 
Whose work eternal shall be one, 

Be endless glory gi^'n 
Bv all the Saints, in all the spheres. 
That shall be formed through endless 

And all in earth and heav'n. 
HYMN 355- (2-6's,4,&3-6's4.) 

To Abraham's God, our King, 
Our songs of praise we bring. 

And sound abroad, 
To all the world below, 
As far as sound can go, 
That heaven and earth may know 

He is our Lord. 

inah, hosannah be given, 
h glory lo God and Ihe Lamb, 
lints upon earth and in heaven, 
icefortn and forever. Amen. 

Jod, our Father and our King; 
; him, ye Saints in heaven above; 
lim. ye Sainis, on earth, and sing 
nnab to the God you love. 

Again ihe day of rest returns. 

A secret place. thi:re let me go 

Another day has gone 

As evening sliades approach u: 

And must I pari, thou Holy One 
Asleep in Christ? O hapjiy sleep. 
A faithful Saint I have stood by. .. 
Again the glorious Gospel light.... 

Alasl thy days, how swift they fiyl... 

Alas! dear Lord, how frail am I 

As strangers on the burning plain . ... 
Am 1 an l£phraimite indeed 

Behold! thy jo*lUl people come « 

B^'fure Jehovah, Zion's King , t4t 

Uc thankful lo God, all ye SusISm I7P 

Bi-'upaad on yooiguard...^^ , „. ju^ 

Hid vain deures be gone-.... 341 

BeUoMlbe iioiycS ■OibIiIiiAj,^-. ajj 

Rv nil Ihe Saints upon the earth 3W 

m Ihe scenes of war and strife 76 

imysure relreat lao 

. lei IhySiriril's fire 163 

, Ihou art love indeed 163 

in heaven, by whom I'm taught 166 

. source of joy and pleasure 177 

ill, my sweetest treasure 309 

;1I. my* dear and loving friend 237 

, pity heathen nations aiS 

!l1, ye rocks and hills, so dear aaS 

, keep us through the year 148 

ith engage 355 

e me, Father, all my wrongs a7i 

of all, sweet /ion's King =93 

ev'ry woe that mortals share 304 

's heralds, go n^ 






. 15 my father, whom 1 fesir 

i«ill, yEhemlds, haste your flighl. .. 






ye Buffering S^inlB of earth 


How sweet to sing God's praise 273 

flearken, Zion's sons and daughters 301 

How blest (he children, Lord 315 

How sweet at Ihe day's dawning light 330 

How blessed is the child 331 

Hosannah. hosannah be given 397 

I ancient days, by scorn 

II come to thee, Joseph, and dwell with 
the blest .■. ; 

I thought of the place where the two irtar- 

lile's wat< 
lee „ 

ion. Lord, wilt Ihou 

inscribed upon the cross 

e, at twilight of each day 

)ve the Lord while here below.... 
e the Lord: he hears my prayer? 

my eyes, O God. to heaven 

ome to thee, O God of love 

I rejoice in Christ, the Lord 

ly only Ruide. ...... 

ly aourcE of joy„. 
, ihi^e I'm free .... 
'3 the God I adore 

:n.Mt snlvalion. I^rd 

: enrlli hnih riarkncss rcigiieJ . 
OT5 art blest 

am with you, sailh the Lord 288 

■n who seek the world, adore^ 313 

may we ever know 314 

ngs of praise be given 334 


ng broke on Ihe third day 109 

use, O now lo me relum 133 

hfeis likeaflower 183 

?d, I would resign 195 

r, thou hast ceased from sorrow 203 

ndn^. friends and Dcserel 324 

iiing friends, and Deserel 929 

3d, how lonely is the place 265 

od, in thee my faith finds scope 300 


would the nations wish to know 43 

s the day of grace 130 

in the latter day 139 

olhe Father and the Son 32^! 

o the Father and the Son 316 

lier, give mepow'r to write 7 

le nations, look and wonder at 

le to Ihe waters of life ss 

vhat a night was that which (ell 48 

her, still control my ways 51 

V happy was 1 11. 

O Father, now on 7. 
O Father, still on Zi 
Oh? when shall ev'j 
On ZJon-5 hill lehov 
On the morn of the 
O Lord, thy law I h 
O come, thou sweet 
O give me. Lord, ih 
O slrenglhen, [,ord, 
Oh. for the (aith Iha 
O Lord. Ihou art m" 
O Father, now in (e 
O sinner, now be w 
O sinner, hear the C 
On fflon-s Mount, tf 
On /ions sacred hil 
On Zion's hill thy pe 
O Father, keep me s 
Our Father, Ihou wl 

O Ihou source of ev'ry blessing 189 

O God, my Falher. lend Ihine ear. 19a 

O Falher. when shall I again 193 

O God of Zion, thou an love! .,.. 200 

Our dead we love now sleep 203 

Our brolher'5 work is done 208 

O lovely one, and has! Ihou gone 911 

Once our Falher was like us 217 

O Falher, hear tliy servant's cry aiB 

O Falher. condescend. 223 

O Falher, now with cheerful heart. 233 

O God of worlds above 239 

O God of ZIon. hear my cry 246 

O God, thou hasl preserved us Jhrough 247 

O King of ^ion. now 250 

O King of Hon, while Ihy care 351 

On the page of revelation 253 

O how lovely is the sijjhl 269 

On God 1 call in all my grief. 278 

O thouwho spake the word.,; a3o 

O Ijard, in Ibee my Irusl is stayed 282 

O thou, our Falher and our King 284 

Our food and raimenl. heahh and friends... 285 

O King of Zion. now draw near 298 

O Lord, in thee do I delight 298 

O Lord, in childhood and in youth 299 

O T.ord. in Ihee 1 lake delight 305 

O Falher, !el me live to see 305 

O Lord, 1 will record thy deeds 308 

O God. to Drigham make Ihou known 312 

O Lord, we come to Ihee again 318 

O now, dear Lord, since 1 am sick 319 

O God. Ihou art the Erst and last 325 

:God, from whom all good proceeds.. 
: God, all Sainis ibat dwell on eardi... 

;lhe King of Zion's land „ 

: God, the Father, King of kings 

! the Lord, ye Saints in commoo........ 

■ the King of Xiaa, fitwtal -^^ '. 

rglvtaUw burdened loul [Gleose^ 

of a living fountain 

ys have arrived, hy propheU fore- 


■ophel o( the living God 1 

iplitil Joseptt cries — 

:> manyrs, sent of God ..,,.....,.. 

It of Zion does unfold...... ,_, , 

-aids of salvMlion 

1 that lights the earth below 

i a day of promised rest 

-aids of Zion in triumph are going... 

igdnm of our God 

idegroom soon will come 

ok of Mocmon, in our days 

ird through Joseph sent 

' that's bom of grace 

Sakits in friend^ip greeting 

inis. though long oppressed 

od, O IJird, to mee 

ett to go. at break of day 

unliful hand, dearest Lord 

y has now gone by,....,,.. ........ 

>rd Jehovah reigns above 

i a place of peaceful rest 

oh now my thoughts repair 

<rd, in these tlie latter days 

lior calls his (old 

■ar, O Father, will thou lend 

s like a diamond, shining 

:, O Lord, are known 

ird, as my shepherd and king,,, 
1 not a star in yonder sky 

J « W« w 

The faitlitul Saint, without cumpmiiit 

'J is sweet, my (jod, to walk with ihee... 

To Abraham's Caod, our King 

To thte, dear, loving Savior 

Vain is the world's alluring smile 


Wake, my niuse, with love and favor... 

\Mth joy my heart did leap 

When Joseph Smith from heaven was i 

Whatever may Ix'fall 

V^ jth one consent let all the Saints , 

V\ atchman, tell us, if you can 

When will the seventh angel sound... 

W hen tiie sun and milder skies 

" *'■ > "•lovi,,,,^ (lav 

INDEX. 341 


When the light of day is past 171 

"NA'hen morning light breaks on my view 180 

When sickness halh o'ercome 187 

Why doth my peace, O Lord, depart 198 

\f\ hy should we fear the angel Death 204 

A\hen the hour of death shall come 205 

When in the lonesome vale of death 210 

A\'ilt thou now, our Heavenly Father 216 

\^'hile around this board we meet 244 

A\'ake! my muse, with love and favor 264 

"U'hen I am injured by mv foes 266 

What though 1 have the gift to preach 272 

W ith thankful hearts we lift our eyes 294 

Why do we for our loved ones weep 302 

\Mien morning comes wuh golden rays 310 

Yes, in the gale that sweeps along 8 

Ye Saints in Zion, praise the Lord 16 

Yes, fading, still fading 36 

Yes; Joseph, as a mortal man 49 

Yes. Zion has awoke at length 62 

Ye Saints of God, arise and flee 74 

Ye Saints throughout the earth, rejoice! 145 

Ye Saints, awake your lays! 148 

Ye Saints, draw near to Zion's King, 178 

Yes; to my cot came reaper Death 212 

Ye servants of the Lord 223 

Yes, Jesus suffered shame for me 274 

Yes, God is my Father, and always does 

right 283 

if 1 4' er forsake thee... 



Christ's Second Coming loi 

Celestial Marriage ^45 

Devotional Hymns ; 171 

Death 202 

Dedication 249 

Doxologies -. .. 

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Fasting and prayer 168 

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